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Who says happiness can’t be bought? They clearly haven’t visited Frozen Bottle. Frozen bottle is an ever-growing milkshake brand that has blown customers away with their signature shakes, frozen desserts and ice cream jars. What better way to forget all your stress than sipping on some Kit-Kat Oreo? 

Or go ahead and try some mouth-watering ‘Death by chocolate’ frozen sundae, while not taking the name too seriously, this sundae is sure to make you lick the spoon clean! In a world full of dismay, Frozen Bottle is sure to brighten up your day. These guys are not Santa’s little helpers but they sure do the work of handing out happiness in little bottles and jars.

Trying out this place for once will surely make you go back for more. Craving for a quality milkshake or some amazing ice-cream is not an issue anymore, especially if you’re bored of those big box ice-creams brought from general stores that are sure to break your teeth if you refrigerate them for more than two days.

Frozen bottle Franchise is here with it’s Kiwi shakes and if you’re a person that leans more towards the sugar-free beverages then they have the Cold Coffee and Nutty Vanilla that will have you hooked to it’s flavour. Frozen bottle is sure to serve you some delicious desserts and treats in a good quantity with reasonable prices. They provide you with really good flavour choices of ice-cream and their signature milkshakes are known as ‘the’ thing to try when you visit an outlet. A jar of ice-cream can serve well for you and your date, however, the taste of it might make you greedy and eat it all up before your date reaches for the third bite.

Frozen Bottle is the perfect place for one to hangout with their friends, surrounded by amazing desserts, which is pretty much not just every foodie’s dream come true, but also individuals who are picky about what they eat. They are also a 100% vegetarian.  Customers are all praises about the brand after trying out some flavoursome treats. And if you’re someone who is crazy about fruit shakes then Frozen Bottle has a variety of choices for you, right from Kiwi Crush to Banana Gulkand, indulge in these frozen treats as happiness and the fruity flavours linger as an aftertaste.

It gives you an experience worth coming back for with your family and friends. It is one of the trendiest brands in India that is setting a benchmark for the rest of their competition. The youth is really big on the idea of Frozen Bottles, although it has become a usual hangout place for all age groups. They are revolutionizing the Food and Beverage industry. The image of the brand and the presentation of their food products is such that it compels you to try it out once atleast. These frozen desserts are just what you need to have in order to turn your frown upside down! Frozen Bottle gives you your money’s worth with every sip and bite you take.

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Frozen Bottle History

The founders of Frozen Bottle are Pranshul Yadav and Arun Suvarna. Pranshul Yadav always had a passion for working in the F&B (Food and Beverage) industry. Pranshul did his MBA from the Fore School of Management, Delhi. He made Cream Stone the best ice-cream brand in Bangalore and set up a series of franchises in many different parts of Bangalore to make it successful and more convenient for people. After this, he set upon a journey to make Frozen Bottle globally known among people and the go-to dessert place for all young and old.

Arun Suvarna has a business experience of more than 20 years. His expertise led the company to reach where it is today. He has closed deals of more than a 100 Crore INR of real estate transactions. He has set up a number of hospitality businesses as well. He has had an impressive business journey and is an integral part of Frozen Bottle. He was in retail consulting and has consulted for leasing out 0.2 million square feet for companies such as Sketchers, Casio and Tag Heuer. His vendor management expertise has proven to be really vital to the company, as said by the Frozen Bottle family.

Frozen Bottle began in Bangalore. It is currently in over eleven cities all over India with fifty outlets. The brand is very keen on expanding more.

Frozen Bottle’s USP

One of the most unique factor of Frozen Bottle is their thick shakes. They’re wildly popular among youngsters. These shakes are served in little glass bottles that can be taken home. Their shakes are outstandingly delicious, having customers come back for seconds.

 These shakes are filled to the brim and have you leave the store while sipping on some happiness. Frozen bottle encapsulates love, happiness and a volcano of flavours in their dessert bottles/jars. The shakes are said to be an absolute favourite as the Chocolate Hazelnut shake is known to have an out-of-the-world taste. Frozen Bottle’s shakes are creating a lot of buzz among customers.

Benefits of owning a Frozen Bottle’s franchise

Opportunity to expand

The company is really looking forward to expand in more cities. They are currently in Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Manipal and Coimbatore. They want to expand in Delhi, Kerala and other major cities. They are still growing and are in the early stage of expansion. There’s no better time than now for a franchisee to shake hands with Frozen Bottle.

Low investments and high returns

Frozen Bottle promises low investments with high returns. They have a lot to offer to not just their customers, but also their franchise owners. They are looking for people with passion and the ability to integrate the company’s dreams with theirs and take the brand to new heights.

Exclusive territorial rights

Frozen Bottle also offers exclusive territorial rights to their franchises which can be seen as a major plus point. People crave quality desserts that are worth their money everywhere and what better place than Frozen Bottle to satisfy one’s appetite? The franchise owner’s chance of getting high returns increases more with this factor.

Leading company

Frozen bottle is seen as a leading industry in the Food and Beverage industry even though it is still expanding and growing every year, geographically as well as financially. Taking on this opportunity, the franchisee can trust the brand with their money as they are soaring high in sales with frozen foods being the talk of the town.

What are the Requirements to Start A Frozen Bottle Franchise In India?


Minimum area requirement for a Frozen Bottle franchise is 200-250 square feet so that the customers can wait pleasantly for their bottle of happiness to arrive and give them enough space. IT can, however, go upto 500 square feet as well. Spacing in malls is accepted too. The frontage should be more than 12 feet.

Experience or skills

The franchise owner should have some understanding about business and the requirements needed from the franchisee’s end to grow the brand successfully. They are looking for someone to have the same kind of passion for the brand as they have.

Regions of operation

They have one outlet each in Vijayawada, Udupi, Delhi NCR, Cochin and Surat.

 In Coimbatore – Racecourse, Nehru stadium and Brookefields Mall.

In Hyderabad – Kondapur, Road no. 10 and 36 in Jubilee Hills.

In Chennai – Anna Nagar, OMR Food Street, Alwarpet and Valsaravakkam.

In Pune – FC Road, Koregaon Park, Seasons Mall, Kothrude, MG road and Baner.

In Mumbai – Lokhandwala, Runwal Greens Mulund, Byculla, Inorbit mall, Bandra Linkin Road, R-City Mall, Viviana mall, Khar, Infinity Mall, Kharghar, Mahaveer Nagar and Varsova.

In Bangalore – Koramangala, Banashankari, Indiranagar, HSR Layout, JP Nagar, Sahakara Nagar, Brigade Road, Infantry Road, Kalyan Nagar, Jayanagar, Shivajinagar, Marthalli, New Bel Road, Basveshwar Nagar Electronic City, ETA Mall, Brookfield and VV Puram.

They look forward to expanding more in every city, especially in Kerala and Delhi.


They provide manuals for franchisees to get a better understand about the brand and special terms that need to be highlighted. They provide on-ground assistance and guidance from the Head Office in terms of training and if any need arises.

Staff Requirements

The staff needs to know the importance of customer service and assist them while choosing from the menu. They should know the menu well along with the key ingredients and kid’s specials. They should behave pleasantly with the customers. The number of staff members should be around 2-3 if the area is small. If it a relatively larger area, then 6-7 employees are needed, however, it completely depends on the area.

frozen bottle franchise

How Much Does A Frozen Bottle Franchise Cost?


An investment of 30-40 Lakhs INR along with a royalty of 8% is required.

If it is an area of 200-250 square feet then the total investment would be 33 Lakhs INR with the franchise fees being 6 Lakhs, kitchen equipment costing around 7 Lakhs and the interior designing, software, hardware, one-time marketing expense and signage costing around 20 Lakhs in total

If it is an area of 300-350 square feet then the total investment would cost around 33-36 Lakhs INR roughly with the franchise fees being 6 Lakhs, kitchen equipment costing around 7 Lakhs, the interiors with TV and microwave would cost around 15 Lakhs and the designing, marketing, collateral and signage, etc would cost around 6-8 Lakhs.

If the area is of 500 square feet, then the investment would be anywhere between 36-39 Lakhs INR. The franchise fee is 6 Lakhs, and the interior hardware costing around 17 Lakhs, kitchen equipment costing one around 7 Lakhs and the marketing investment, interior designing, graphics and signage totalling upto 6-9 Lakhs.

Years of Bond and Profitability

The franchise term is for five years. The company assures their franchise owners to receive high returns and build their business to earn great amounts of profit. They are confident in their capabilities to expand Frozen Bottle along with their franchise owner’s help and passion. They also provide territorial rights to their franchise owners so the crowd in and around a particular outlet’s area will be just for that one outlet.

Franchise Terms and Conditions from the Company

The franchise term is of five years and is renewable. Requirements from the franchisee in terms of brand building activities will be mentioned clearly in the agreement. Training of the franchisee will be for a limited period of time but support and guidance will be available as long as the agreement lasts. Provision for renewal will be stated clearly in the agreement. They have a standard franchise agreement.


Frozen Bottle provides with the most yummy desserts to make your tummy happy. It gives you the most amazing flavours to choose from and it’s not just for adults, they also have kid’s specials and stone jars that will probably be the no. 1 thing to have there along with your gang. Their products are a 100% vegetarian.

 The founders of Frozen Bottle are Pranshul Yadav and Arun Suvarna. Pranshul always had a dream of stepping his foot into the Food and Beverage industry and changing the game.  Arun’s expertise brought a lot to the company due to his impressive business background before he embarked upon his Frozen Bottle journey. Both of them set out to make Frozen Bottle the best dessert destination for everyone.

Frozen Bottle’s unique selling point is that their milkshakes are served in glass bottles that the customers can take home along with them. Their quantity fits in well with the price so you don’t have to burn a hole through your pocket just to have something that won’t make you full.

Some benefits of owning a Frozen Bottle franchise is that they promise low investments with high returns, exclusive territorial rights and the opportunity to expand well along with a reputable company that is doing financially well even in their growing stage.

Minimal area requirement is 200-250 square feet and the area margin can go upto 500 square feet. Outlet spacing in malls is preferable. The company is looking forward to expand more, especially in major cities like Delhi.

An investment of 30-40 Lakhs INR is required with the franchise fee being 6 Lakhs INR and a royalty of 8%. The franchise term is of five years and is renewable. The renewable process is discussed in detail with the franchisee and support and expertise are available.

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