How to Start a Hero Motocorp Dealership in India? Two Wheels – a Glide Ride.

The rampant rise in the traffic on the streets is attracting people towards buying two-wheelers. It is easier and quicker to commute on two wheels than four wheels. There has been a rise in demand for the purchase of scooters and motorcycles by the people. Many are an enthusiast and few just want to beat the traffic. A lot of two-wheeler companies have been setting up their shops in India lately.

Hero Motocorp Limited, an Indian company, has been dominating the two-wheeler market. A cycle producing company, in 1984 the company started manufacturing motorcycles and scooters along with Honda. It is the world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer. The company is leading the automobile service industry in India.

History of Hero Motocorp

Hero Motocorp Limited is an Indian company with its head office in the capital city of New Delhi. The company manufactures two-wheeler products like motorcycles and scooters. Hero Motocorp is the world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer. It is also India’s largest motorcycle and scooter producer.

The two-wheeler business was started by Munjal brothers as Hero Cycles in the year 1956 in Ludhiana, Punjab. By the year 1975, the cycle producing company became the largest cycle producer in India. In the year 1983, Japanese company Honda and Hero decided to collaborate and start a joint venture to produce motorcycles and scooters in India. Hero Honda, a joint venture between the two companies came into existence in the year 1984 at Dharuhera, Haryana. By 2001, Hero Honda was the world’s largest manufacturer of two-wheelers.

In the year 2010, Honda ended its 26 years old partnership with Hero and sold its 26%stake in the company to Hero. In 2011, the company was renamed as Hero Motocorp Limited.

Hero Cycles is a subsidiary of Hero Cycles.

Hero Motocorp dealership USP

A two-wheeler is an easy and affordable way to commute. Hero Motocorp Limited, the world’s largest motorcycle producer has been producing motorcycles and scooters for an easy and convenient ride. It is the number one two-wheeler producer in India. A big cycle producing company slowly moved into making motorcycles and scooters in partnership with a Japanese company, Honda in the year 1984. Together they were popular as Hero Honda. Even though the partnership between the two companies ended in the year 2010, Hero still dominates the two-wheeler market in India.

Hero Motocorp sells gives customers a variety of bikes and scooters to choose from. The two-wheelers produced are both stylish and comfortable. The company provides affordable products to its customers. They also have high-end two-wheelers for the bike enthusiasts.

The company has earned a name for itself in the market. It is the most reputed two-wheeler seller in the automobile industry. They own 46% of the market share in this industry. The world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer is making all its products in India. For 26 years the technology used in manufacturing the two-wheelers came from the Japanese company Honda.

The company has gained a good reputation for itself over the years. People have placed immense trust in the company.

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Benefits of owning a Hero Motocorp dealership

Brand Name

hero dealership

Hero Motocorp is the world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer. It is also the largest two-wheeler manufacturer in India. It is one of the giants in the automobile industry. Hero’s Splendor scooter is the number one seller in the Indian market.  Hero’s HF Deluxe, Glamour, and Passion are the highest selling bikes in the country. 

Image of the Brand

Hero Motocorp has been selling motorcycles and scooters since the year 1984. The company enjoys popularity amongst both youth and older generations. Over the years, the company has created a band of returning customers. It is one of the most trusted brands in the country.

Made in India

Hero Motocorp is an Indian company. Its head office is located in New Delhi, the capital of India. All the products are manufactured in the Indian Subcontinent. The company has five manufacturing units located in various parts of India.


The company has a wide distribution network.  The company has over 6000 franchise showrooms and service centers all over India. They have a reach even in the remote areas of the country.


Hero Motorcorp has been continuously innovating and launching new products for its customers. Between 1984 and 2013 the company has sold over 70 million two-wheeler vehicles.


Hero Honda was ranked at 7th position as one of the most trusted brands in India in The Brand Trust Report published by Trust Research Advisory.  In the year 2012, the company was awarded the titles of “Best Value for Money Bike Maker” and “Best Advertising” by Auto India Best Brands Awards in the two-wheelers category.


Hero Motocorp featured in the Forbes 2019 Global 2000 World’s largest public companies list.

Market Share

Hero Motocorp owns 46% of the market share in the automobile industry in India. The company has more market share than the next three competitors combined together.

Sponsorships by the company

In 2018, the company was one of the sponsors of the Caribbean Premier League Twenty-20 cricket matches. The company also sponsors the Indian Super League, the I League, I League 2nd Division, Indian Women’s League and Super Cup a football tournament.

Initiatives by Hero Motocorp 

The company looks after the working of two educational institutions. They are the Raman Munjal Vidya Mandir and BML Munjal University. The company also takes its Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously.


Hero’s Splendor scooter is highly in demand. The company’s bikes also sell at a very quick rate.

What Are the Requirements to Start a Hero Motocorp Dealership in India?


The total area required to start a franchise of Hero Motocorp Limited is between 3000 square feet to 4000 square feet. The area must be located such that it is easily locatable by the customers. It should be easily accessible. The area must accommodate space for a big display area for the bikes and scooters, working area for the people employed, and parking space for the vehicles to be sold. There must be a lounge for the customers to wait. A designated office area is also required. The showroom must be located on the ground floor. The company provides the guidelines to set up the showroom.

Skills or Experience

The company is looking for franchise partners who will help the company in realizing its vision. The company wants an empowered India which is powered by its two-wheelers. They must provide the best service to the customers and uphold the brand name. The franchise partner must have knowledge about bikes and scooters.

Regions of Operation

Hero Motorcorp has its headquarters in New Delhi, India. The company has five manufacturing units in India located in Dharuhera, Haridwar, Neemrana, Gurugram, and Halol. The company recently started two international units. They are located in Columbia and Argentina. The company has a network of over 6000 franchise showrooms located in various parts of India.

The company wants to expand in the states of Jammu and Kashmir, Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Uttranchal in the northern parts of the country. In the south, the company is targeting the states of Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana. In east India the company wants to focus on West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand and in the northeast, it wants to expand its network in all the seven sisters. In the west, the company wants to expand in Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, and Rajasthan. Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh are the targets in central India. The company also plans on expanding in all the Union Territories.


The company provides all the interior designing inputs for the showroom to the dealer. It provides inputs on the construction. They also help in site selection. The company gives its full attention to help the franchise partner with marketing and advertising. Proper technical knowledge is also given. Guidelines on administration are set out by the company. Proper training is given to all staff members. Guidance and assistance are always available to the franchise partner. The company also gives full IT support.

Staff Requirement

Manager, Sales Coordinator, sales consultant, technicians, supervisor, workshop manager, service advisor, salespersons, store in charge are the manpower required to run and manage a dealership store. In addition, staff to maintain the store is also required.

How much does a Hero Motocorp Dealership cost?


An investment of INR 50 lakh to INR 1 crore is required to open a showroom. The cost of investment to open a Hero Motorcorp showroom depends on the city and location of the showroom. The cost to set up a showroom is included in the investment. It also includes the cost of the initial required inventory.

All the payment for the procurement of goods is to be fully paid in advance.

Years of bond and profitability

The expected return on investment is around 19% every year. The company signs a standard franchise agreement with the franchisee. The contract can be renewed on expiration. Renewal depends on the discretion of the company.


India is one of the world’s largest automobile industry. The demand for two-wheelers is increasing day by day. Motorcycles and scooters are not only convenient and easy to use, but they are also available at an affordable price. They are environment-friendly in comparison to cars and are beneficial to beat the ever-growing traffic on the roads. Due to its affordibility, the two-wheeler is most in-demand amongst the middle-income group.

Hero Motocorp Limited is an Indian company which is currently the largest manufacturer of two-wheelers around the world. The company was set up as a joint venture between Hero and Honda, a Japanese company in 1984. During the partnership, the company reached great heights. After the demerger, Hero Motorcorp came into existence in 2011. The company has never looked back ever since that. Today, Hero dominates the Indian market with 46% shareholding. The company which was started as a cycle producing enterprise has evolved and grew in both cycle manufacturing as well as scooter and motorbike production. 

The company has its presence in all the big and small cities in India. The company recently set up two international units in Columbia and Argentina. It is a name known to the people for the last 35 years.

An investment of INR 50 Lakh To INR 1 Crore is required to start a Hero Motorcorp showroom. The company provides all the assistance from right from setting up the showroom to running it efficiently. They also train all the staff members and keep on updating them about the change in technology and new products.

The rate of return on investment is 19% per annum.

Hero Motorcorp has been living up to its tagline “Hum Main hai Hero” as they treat all their customers as a hero. The company has a loyal customer base and is a trusted name in the country.        

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