How to Start a Lakme Salon Franchise in India?

The Beauty and Wellness industry in India has shown tremendous potential for growth, as it has been constantly growing double the size of US and Europe markets put together. This sector in India consists of salons, cosmetic products and cosmetic treatment centres which have been constantly growing by 15-20% annually.

In today’s fast-paced world with more women workforce, everyone has started to become more aware of all the types of beauty products and treatments that are made available to the customers and based on their awareness the consumers make their decision. This increased awareness among people is due to the trends followed around the world, increase in disposable income, changes in lifestyles and so on. The Beauty industry is said to reach an estimated amount of USD 2.68 billion by 2020.

Welcome to the world of Lakme Salon

Lakme salon was India’s first leading chain of salons which offered their expert services on hairstyling, beauty and skin care. These salons are known for their expert concoction of doing stunning make-up along with fabulous hairstyling and top-notch skin and beauty services.

Lakme salons are more committed and dedicated towards the evolvement of modern Indian women by bringing their backstage expertise and experience they get during the Lakme Fashion Week. All the staff employed at the Lakme salon are highly trained and professional people who are up-to-date with the current trends in hair and beauty care. Currently, Lakme salons are operational in over 125+ cities across India with over 400+ salons. Lakme salon franchise includes 360+ franchise salons which are owned by around 300 partners.

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History of Lakme Salon

The history of Lakme salon goes back in the early years of 1984. The salon has a footprint in almost 125 cities across the country. With 400+ Lakme salons operational currently they have provided a deeper understanding of the beauty segment in the market.

It was in 2012, that Lakme launched Lakme absolute salon offering services that define the ultimate facets of beauty and hair. This specific hair salon is operational only in 3 major metro cities Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru.

In 2015, Lakme formed an alliance with a vocational training company called Aptech, a global leader and set up around 80 Lakme beauty academies in order to train approximately 50,000 stylists across the country in over 5 years span of time. This academy offers both beginners or foundation level and advanced or expert level training in hair, skin and make-up.

What is the USP of Lakme Salon?

Strong brand name and brand presence in the beauty sector

At Lakme salon, we build a business where success meets style because of its unique make-up, skin care and hairstyling regimes. Lakme academies also offer intensive training programs for upcoming beauty experts so that it can provide its customers with a wide array of beauty services which are on par with international beauty standards. This is the reason why Lakme is considered as a well-known brand name across the country.

New styles with cutting-edge services

Lakme salon is known for its expertise in hairstyling and concocting new make-up looks that brings artistry to the modern Indian women. This is only possible through Lakme, as the salon as an eye for beauty which has been backed by years of backstage experience at the Lakme fashion week. These professionals have given the world some iconic looks that have graced the runways.

A plethora of products and services

The expert in the beauty sector, Lakme salon has been a place which has continuously innovated a wide range of new and effective products, beauty treatments which is the perfect combination of international cosmetics technology along with a detailed understanding of the needs of every modern Indian woman. The salon also offers its customers a delightful and detailed beauty experience through its wide array of products and services.

What are the benefits of owning a Lakme salon franchise?

Lakme salon provides numerous benefits to people who are affiliated with their salons and studios.

lakme salon franchise
  • Lakme salon provides its franchisees with expert guidance and supports starting from the selection of franchise location to launching the salon. With over 30 years of experience in assisting franchisees, Lakme salon team is dedicated and committed to supporting its franchisees in every possible way.
  • In term of hiring staff at the franchise outlet, Lakme salon’s HR team provides a huge talent pool of professionals to choose from. The franchise owners can also contribute to this pool by identifying talent in their local areas as well. Once the staff is chosen the regional trainer then provides them with extensive world-class training on a monthly basis which amounts to approximately 100 hours per year.
  • Lakme salon team of experts always make sure that the franchise staff are always updated with new innovations so that they can also get a chance to showcase their talent through their backstage heroes programme at the Lakme Fashion Week.
  • Lakme salon not only helps out franchisees in recruiting and training their employees but the regional franchise experts, operations and IT teams ensure that the employees have thorough knowledge about basic salon fundamentals such as billing, CRM software, managing and staff scheduling and so on. The experts ensure that they visit their franchisees at regular intervals to provide them with feedback and resolve any queries or issues related to the business.
  • Being affiliated with Lakme salon we always make sure that our franchisees receive complete support on the marketing and advertising front.

What are the requirements to set up a Lakme salon franchise?

Area required

The minimum area required to set up a Lakme salon is around 900 Sq.ft. The land can either be owned or taken on lease.

Skills or experience required

  • The employees that are recruited in the salon must be highly skilled, talented and should have an eye for beauty.
  • The franchise owner must be dedicated and passionate to manage the business and ensure its constant growth.
  • The franchise should have only one goal that is to always go that extra mile for customer satisfaction without compromising their integrity and ethics.
  • The employees must be able to work within a team and should be able to adjust to the working environment around them.
  • The owner should provide sufficient time and effort to turn its business into a profitable one.

Regions of operations

At present, there are around 400 Lakme salons operational in around 125 cities including Lakme absolute salon which is operational in 3 major Tier 1 cities Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru at present.

Training required

Once the staff has been recruited Lakme salon’s regional trainer conducts an intensive training program for every employee on a monthly basis with a total of 100 hours per year. The regional IT and operations team ensures that the employees have basic knowledge on how to operate billing and CRM software, create an employee schedule, keep a check on stock and inventories and so on.

Minimum Staff requirement

Lakme salon requires around 10-15 employees to carry out day-to-day activities at the outlet.

How much does it cost to start a Lakme Salon franchise in India?

Investment is always a crucial key factor in deciding whether an individual is capable of owning a franchise and how well is the person backed up in case of any shortcomings. Making a huge investment for a franchise outlet like Lakme the services or benefits offered along with it provides the person with a way to success and profitability.

The minimum amount required for investing in a Lakme franchise salon is Rs.50,00,000 – Rs.60,00,000.

Franchise agreement

The franchise agreement for owning a Lakme salon is signed for a period of 5 years. It can be renewed again once the agreement period is completed.

Profitability explained through a hypothetical example

Total amount invested in a Salon franchise = Rs.55,00,000

Expenses incurred in a month

  • Rent paid for a 1000 Sq.ft of area for the salon = Rs.1,00,000
  • Salaries paid to 10 employees (Rs.10,000*10) = Rs.1,00,000
  • Miscellaneous expenses = Rs.5,000

Total expenses incurred in a month = Rs.2,05,000

Income earned in a month

  • Average no. of customers walking in the salon for a service = 20
  • The average amount a person spends on a service = Rs.1000
  • Total income earned in a day (Rs.1000*20) = Rs.20,000

Total income earned in a month (Rs.20,000*30) = Rs.6,00,000

Gross profit earned in a month

Gross profit earned in a month (50% of Rs.6,00,000) = Rs.3,00,000

Total profit earned in a month

Total profit earned in a month (Rs.3,00,000 – Rs.2,05,000) = Rs.95,000

You can receive your entire investment within 4-5 years.


With every customer having their own set of requirements and needs, Lakme salon has always provided a plethora of products and services that has been specially curated for them. Lakme salon holding a strong brand name in the beauty and wellness sector has been seeing significant and content growth in its business and in terms of earning profits from the past 35 years.

This has given Lakme a huge advantage as its professional experts are able to understand the requirements of its customers and what products and services should they choose in order to receive a delightful experience at their salons or studios.

This is a salon which caters to all your needs and requirements ranging from hairstyling to beauty to skincare. With over 400 salons spread across 125 cities, Lakme always has something to offer to everyone. This salon franchise is perfect for those who want to see the evolvement of the modern Indian women and to provide each one of them with an unforgettable experience.

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