How to start a BlueDart Franchise in India?

An organized and structured logistics is a powerhouse of supply chain management. In order to operate in the dynamic business environment, it is therefore, pertinent for every organization to simultaneously work on decoding a harmonious flow as well as storage of its goods and services.

An efficient logistics management is a primacy for every successful business. The function of logistics is to ensure Planning, implementation, coordination and controlling the movement and storage of goods and services between points of origin and utilization within the bounds of a supply chain. A compelling logistics is a priority of every enterprise to keep in pace with the conducive atmosphere and make way for globalization along with a plethora of other benefits which are quick shipping, warehousing, transportation, improved quality and customer satisfaction.

A sound logistics setup helps not just diversify the business but also make huge profit margins, cutting on costs and create a value for the business.

One such enterprise that has made a mark in the logistics industry is Blue Dart, which has successively delivered the right product at the right place to the right person at the right price, for over years now.

Blue Dart was established in November 1983 by Tushar Jani, Clyde Cooper and Khushroo Dubash. It is a publicly traded company which a subsidiary of DHL Express (Singapore) Pte Ltd.  Blue Dart had also entered into an agreement with Gelco Express International for international operations and services from India. It is a parent to Blue Dart Aviation Ltd which fosters the logistics and business requirements for Blue Dart. Headquartered in Mumbai, Blue Dart has an extensive network ballooning across 14000+ pin codes.

It is a premium transportation and distribution company engaged in delivery of couriers/consignments and providing logistics services countrywide and covering around 220 countries. With its exceptional services, Blue Dart has sustained the industry and outperformed its contenders progressively.

What’s the USP of BlueDart

Blue Dart has been consecutively voted as a super brand and ranked as top workplaces in Asia. It is a one stop way out for every logistics services. It secures a desegregated transport and courier facility with adequate arrangements for security and reliability.

It has made proper safeguards and provision for storage, handling and transportation. Blue Dart has generously expanded its reach, domestically as well as internationally and has sweepingly met its customers demand.

Right from the most remote areas to the urban regions, Blue Dart has an ever growing customer reach. Blue Dart has always surpassed its adversaries by way of comprehensive investments in the field of technology. It propounds a variety of technology based business offerings in order to ensure a suitable and cost effective panacea.  

It offers various services and reservations by way of tracking, MIS, ERP and many more.  It boasts a 24*7 customer support service as well.  The express delivery feature still remains the biggest attraction of the organization making it the most preferred. It is supported by a very competent team of personnel who ensure professional management by application of their special knowledge and skills.

Blue Dart commands a brand image which promises a continual visibility globally. Therefore, by every virtue possibly, Blue Dart enjoys upper hand over its competitors.

Benefits of Owning a BlueDart Franchise

Negligible investment

The blue dart franchise is available at a very bankable outlay without burning a hole in one’s pocket. The investment amount is quite stunted.  There is no need for huge funding and expenditure in order to do business under the name of blue dart.  Therefore, the supremacy of the franchise is the low investment cost. This makes investing in blue dart a feasible option.

Booming impetus

The franchise offers flourishing incentives at a nominal price. It allows the franchisees to make huge gains and commissions in this line of work.  The profit margin generated is really high. This makes a room for the prospective franchisees to secure a steady and high source of income assuring continuity as well as survival.

Advancement propaganda

Apart from the lucrative aspect, there are more benefits available to the franchisees. One of which is the profound support in advertising and ancillary services. The franchisees are assured of potent promotion activities which provide them a framework to further structure the promotion and marketing strategy in order to position their business in the long run.

Good will

Blue Dart is a well established name in the logistics industry, thus, it will help the franchisees en cash the brand equity and mount enormous yields and benefits.  The brand loyalty is definitely a driving force in this regard.

What Are the Requirements to Start a Bluedart Franchise in India?

In view of setting up the franchise, there are some prerequisites which are to be duly met to ascertain seamless proceedings and trading. Right from proper area of operation to the documentation, Blue Dart has laid the specifications which should be wholly complied with to operate under their trade name.  Any person can take up the franchise by following the preconditions in the true spirit.


The minimum area required for stationing the franchise office ranges between 250 sq yards to around 400 sq yards, depending site wise. Also, the office is to be situated at a prime location so that it is accessible and approachable.  A handy location is definitely a win-win for every venture.


In respect of skills, there is no specific requirement stated.  Any prior experience in the field is not required in order to take up the franchise business. However, it could be an added advantage to the franchisees if he has an insight into the nature/type of work and is well acquainted with all the admissible information. Any person with a chief infrastructure can take up the franchise.

Region of Operation

Blue Dart has its head quarter in Mumbai. It has several regional offices as well. It has a wide network sweeping over 35000 locations domestically. It operates internationally as well with its reach in around 220 countries. It has a massive global matrix and is diversifying its hold out at full speed. 


The undertaking provides physical training to the franchise partners. The training is provided in the own city of the franchisees. An expert team is empowered to provide the training, which visit their city and teach the members real time booking and other relevant skills.  They also impart them with the necessary managerial skills. However, it may charge an extra fee for the training. It is therefore, quintessential to adhere to the said parameters.

Minimum Staff Requirement

There is no hard and fast stipulation in this regard. But there should be a sufficient number of staff available to ensure hassle free operations. It is preferable to have at least two personnel. Moreover, it is advisable to appoint fit and proper persons, who are capable of performing the work allotted. The staff is required to be responsible to handle and safeguard the consignments/couriers diligently.

Admissible Documentation

In order to become a franchise partner, there is a mandatory requirement for certain documents.  An ID proof, Aadhar card/Voters card, Pan Card and bank details are required to be submitted. Then, there should be a proper title deed or rent agreement respectively.  There should also be a proper agreement stating the total agreement period and terms of services along with the security money deposit.   

How much does it cost to start a BlueDart franchise in india?

The most pertinent consideration while becoming a franchise partner remains the availability of adequate funds for uninterrupted functioning.  The franchise fee is mainly the major investment which is required to be made. Also, infrastructure does require a handsome amount of capital. 

 Blue Dart has a comparatively nominal franchise cost. The franchise fee is different for the city and state level respectively. For opening a blue dart franchise in a city, the amount of financing ranges between 2-5 lacs. And the fee for owning the franchise at the state level increases simultaneously. 

Therefore, the franchise cost is charged location wise based on the relevant factors. Apart from the franchise cost, a security deposit is also called for. The security money is deposited in concert with the agreement period and services. The amount of security deposit is 1.5 lacs onwards and which may vary as per the conditions of agreements. The said amount is refunded after a conclusive period or on such performance as may be stated.

There is a minimum infrastructure prescribed for every kind of venture. The franchise partner should ensure that an expedient arrangement as to the furniture and inventory is made.  The functional utilities like computers, printers and barcode scanner are in adequate quantity and absolute working condition all throughout. 

He is to ascertain availability of sound power supply, inverter/generator and strong internet connection.  At least 2 motorbikes for the delivery person are also needed.  These are the crucial requisites for setting up the franchise. However, there are other trivial necessities and expenditure which are to be duly made.

The scope of profitability is great for the franchise partner. The trade name assures him viable profit margin and a guaranteed success. The amount of commission offered to the franchisees is steep. Apart from the monetary benefits, the visibility and display is a lucrative stimulant. Therefore, venturing into the franchise is definitely a profitably prudent move.

Any person conforming to the essentials and willing to make the investment can send the franchise proposal to the zonal offices established countrywide through an email at his ease.


Blue Dart is India’s most awarded logistics company for a reason. With its exceptional services, it has not just cracked impeccable business but also won the customers heart.

The confidence reposed by the customers is the biggest asset attached to the business. Blue Dart is the largest domestic contestant which invests profoundly in infrastructure development that generates a greater overall value. It actively backs innovation and technology in order to put forward the best. 

Blue Dart commands an expansive network sweeping globally and providing customized solutions. With rigid core competencies, Blue Dart has survived the test of times and outdone its rivals. It has a stellar marketing strategy which places it ahead of its competitors. The company majorly contends with DTDC, delhivery, FedEx, GATI, Xpressbees, etc.  Subject to certain restrictions in regards to import/export or alternative mediums of disclosures, the company enjoys unhindered liberty. 

Blue Dart relishes consistent accolades and totally lives up to its vision that is to establish excellence in the delivery capabilities and being consumer-centric altogether. Blue Dart is the prominent player with 49% market share in the organized air express business and continually acquiring milestones.

In a nutshell, working under such massive trade name is utterly fruitful. There is a vivid scope for making huge profits with almost meager investment while enjoying other advantages accompanied thereto.

Today, when the online retail is flourishing at a substantial speed, the logistics industry is definitely a beneficiary. Therefore, becoming a blue dart franchise partner is certainly a thriving verdict.

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