How to start Kaira franchise in India?

In terms of fashion, India has a rich and variety of cultural heritage in terms of clothing. The Indian Fashion Industry is at its initial stages has shown tremendous potential to grow rapidly with international developments. With events such as Indian Fashion Week and other fashion shows by famous fashion designers, the fashion industry in India is getting recognition worldwide.

The Indian Fashion Industry consists of clothing ranging from ornate clothes for weddings to Pret lines to sports and casual wear as well. This specific industry also includes traditional Indian embroidery techniques such as chikanari, zardozi and crewel. Since the past decade, the Indian Fashion Industry has drastically moved from its infancy stage to a great take off due to the massive contribution by fashion designers among Indian consumers.

Welcome to Kaira

Kaira is known as one of the largest ready-to-wear fashion brands for women. The brand has created a style which has been portrayed as a unique and one-of-a-kind style at the retail market priced at a nominal rate.

Kaira offers its customers clothing that is rich in Indian aesthetics by offering them a mixture of ethnic and western touch in their collections. These above products are mainly designed for young and college goers as they are trendy with a modern look. Apart from this, Kaira also designs exquisite party gowns, dresses, Indo-western collections and many more.

Do you know how Kaira’s journey started?

Kaira was established in the year 2013, with Dinesh and Karishma Manglani, as the Managing Directors. With constant hard work, Kaira transitioned from a single store to a well-known fashion brand. Kaira has created a strong foothold in the Southern and Northern part of India, with operational stores in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat.

It was in 2015, Sania Nehwal was signed as Kaira’s brand ambassador. The reason being that Sania Nehwal was the perfect representation of confidence, humility and success. The best example of modern Indian women.

Later in 2017, Kaira crossed a milestone of achieving an impressive growth of 100 plus stores and has a strong vision of expanding its business to open and operate another 500 plus stores across the country by 2020.

What is the unique selling point of Kaira?

The main USP of Kaira is that the fashion brand is a one-stop-solution for complete women’s wear. Be it you want Indian wear, Western wear, Indo-western outfit, wedding gowns, dresses or party wear, Kaira is a fashion label that offers clothing which suits the modern Indian women.

The company is well-known for its distinctive and unique use of colours, fabric material, embroideries and one-of-a-kind designs. Kaira is focused on offering even customer outfits which depict Indian aesthetics combined in a contemporary style. This has been made possible as Kaira designers are always on par with the current fashion trend and forecast. By doing so, the designers create outfits that suit their customer’s taste and preference.

Kaira’s other USP is its technical support. With top-notch technology and smart decision-making skills, the company is able to successfully provide the latest fashion with zero compromises on the quality.

The company’s unique supply chain ensures its customers that the ratio of fresh stock will always be on a higher side in comparison to its unused stock. This results in no discounting on its stocks.

In today’s Fashion changing world, Kaira is known and valued as one of the best and unique fashion brand offering a combination of ethnic and western touch. These distinctive designs are offered to customers at affordable pricing which has turned this company into a fast-growing platform in the retail sector for ladies.

What are the benefits given to buyers on owning a Kaira franchise in India?

  1. The company operates on the FOFO business model I.e Franchise Owned and Franchise Operated. This specific model offers maximum benefits and advantages to its franchise owners.
  2. Kaira provides attractive margins for its franchise owners.
  3. They also offer complete franchise support on the pre-opening of its outlet.
  4. In order to optimise the operation of the franchise store in the initial first week, Kaira provides 100 per cent assistance and guidance from their end.
  5. There is also a dedicated team of experts who handles the franchise development and documentation.
  6. Keeps a thorough check on the timely supply of merchandise to all its franchise retail outlets.
  7. Provides complete transparency in all its operations and undertakings along with continuous maintenance of optimal inventory.
  8. The company also provides all its franchise retail outlets with centralised ERP software and also provides weekly MIS (Management Information System) reports.

What are the requirements needed to become eligible for owning a Kaira franchise in India?

What is the area required to set up a Kaira franchise outlet in India?

The total area required to set up an operational Kaira franchise in India is around 300 Sq.ft to 700 Sq.ft. The property needs to located in a commercial/residential area so that customer footfalls are present.

What are the skies required to run a Kaira franchise outlet in India?

  1. Any individual who shares the same vision and values as our company.
  2. The individual should be passionated and interested in operating a unique store like Kaira.
  3. Budding entrepreneurs who are looking to invest in a business which provides quick a return on investment.
  4. The individual must be passionate and committed to helping in the growth of Kaira and their products along with capturing all the markets in the particular region.
  5. Potential owners must also possess the skills to achieve sales targets, should possess teamwork skills and should know how to communicate with clarity and precision.
  6. Young men and women who are looking to make a future in the fashion retail segment.

What are the regions of Kaira’s operational outlets in India?

Currently, Kaira is present in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Haryana with over 100 operational outlets.

What is the training requirement for running a Kaira franchise in India?

A standard operational manual is given to all franchise retail outlet. This gives the franchise owner and the employees to have complete knowledge of how the store operates. Infield assistance is provided to the franchisees to help them run the outlet in a smooth and professional manner.

A team of expert is appointed to every franchise outlet so that the franchisors can reach out to them in case of any issues or queries that needs immediate attention. The company also provides assistance and guidance during the initial week of the opening of its franchise outlet so that the management can understand how the company works. This helps them to align their values and goals as that of Kaira’s.

What is the minimum staff requirement in a Kaira franchise outlet in India?

The minimum staff required in a Kaira franchise outlet is 3 to 4 employees including a cashier, two saleswomen and a cleaning lady.

What are the financial requirements of setting up an operational Kaira franchise outlet in India?

The total investment required to set up a Kaira franchise outlet is around Rs.20 lakhs to Rs.40 lakhs.

The profitability of a Kaira franchise outlet can be explained through a hypothetical example given below.

Total investment made in a fashion retail store franchise = Rs.30,00,000

Expenses incurred in a month

  • Rent paid for a 400 Sq.ft area = Rs.2,50,000
  • Salaries paid to 3 employees (Rs.10,000*3) = Rs.30,000
  • Miscellaneous expenses incurred for the month = Rs.5,000

Total expenses incurred in a month = Rs.2,85,000

Income earned in a month

  • The average footfall of customers in a day = 30 customers
  • Average amount an individual spends in the fashion retail store = Rs.1500
  • Total income earned in a day (30*Rs.1500) = Rs.45,000

Total income earned in a month (Rs.45,000*30) = Rs.13,50,000

Gross profit for the month

Gross profit for the month (50% of Rs.13,50,000) = Rs.6,75,000

Total profit for the month

Total profit earned in a month (Rs.6,75,000 – Rs.2,85,000) = Rs.3,90,000

You can get back your entire investment based on the profitability example within 7 to 8  months.


Kaira, in today’s fashion world, is a brand who is focused on representing any Indian girl or woman, who is confident with their own choices. The individual can either be a student or a college goer or a housewife or homemaker, etc. Kaira ensures that the modern Indian woman can opt for a sleek, stylish and trendy outfit without spending too much from her pocket. Kaira allows these woman to enjoy new looks at affordable prices all under one roof.

Kaira’s clientele consists of women of different age groups. The average age group is targeted between 18 to 36 years of age. But the store receives customers who are above 40 years old as well, thus proving that age is not a reason to stop looking beautiful and confident.

Kaira has successfully led its company into the limelight, be it their stylish and unique products or bespoke services, the company has created a vision of creating a foothold into the dynamic PAN Indian retail segment. In order to do so, the company with its excellent decision-making skills created a strong customer base in the Southern part of India with its excellent and affordable designs, and now they are moving towards the other regions with appeal, elegance, sophistication and continuous innovation and reinvention of their products.

The company has been constantly looking out for efficient and reliable business partners so as to give them a chance to grow and create a name for themselves in the market. This is the main reason that Kaira provides great benefits and advantages to its potential franchisors and turn themselves into a provider of latest and updated fashion trends to the modern Indian women.

Are you looking to create a name for yourself as budding entrepreneurs in the fashion segment? Do you want a quick return on investment? Then Kaira is the one-stop-solution to all your needs and requirements. The only reason being that this company understands and comprehends its customer’s needs, taste and preference by studying the latest international fashion standards. Based on their study the designers at Kaira create outfits to meet their customer’s distinctive demands. Kaira has always ensured its customers that the brand has been made for them and not the other way round.

Kaira not only makes clothes, but it also helps every modern Indian woman to believe that they are confident, beautiful and capable enough of achieving their goals. Come celebrate with Kaira, where designers incorporate their ideas into designs that their customer finds themselves up-to-date and celebrate being beautiful every day with confidence.

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