How to Start Lassi Shop Franchise in India?

I wouldn’t be wrong if I say that a drink from kitchens of a Punjabi has become a staple nation-wide. Lassi – the very word that brings smiles to our faces and water in our mouths – is a smooth blend of curd (or yoghurt), water, spices, sugar and lots of love! In the scorching heat of northern India, especially in the states of Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, this refreshing drink – salted or sweet – is the ultimate rescue almost everyone turns to.

A beverage that turned from a symbol of generosity – as it used to be offered to guests and people for free in ancient Punjab- to the most preferred “comfort drink” in the food business, Lassi has now travelled worldwide to countries like the UK, USA, Canada, and many more. This has led to the introduction of a variety of different flavors and variants to the traditional “white canvased drink” and people from all around the world enjoy the lively and unsurpassed taste of it.

How Lassi Shop Was Started?

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For people from the Southern parts of India, especially those from Bangalore and around, the name Lassi Shop wouldn’t be something new. As is so unspecified in its name, the Lassi Shop has now become a brand that actually is a juice bar known to serve a variety of juices, smoothies, shakes, mock tails, including, of course, Lassi! This “Quick Service Cafe” is a small F&B retail chain that majorly focuses on ‘Lassi’ carefully crafted and exquisitely presented in a variety of flavors.

This retail chain is India’s only multi-location food retail venture that has one of the country’s most loved traditional drink as its core focus. Lassi Shop is a concept new to the F&B retail industry that brings together utmost health and nutrition with authentic taste and assured the quality of beverages at affordable pricing.

Lassi Shop was established in 2014 in Koramangala, Bangalore, with the aim of providing people with a healthier alternative to flavored fizzy drinks. They use natural food dyes like beetroot, turmeric, spinach, etc. to add flavor and the amp of color to the yoghurt drinks. The brand has a saying that they follow – “Stop in, grab a glass of this nutritious yumminess and head to your destination”.

It shows how dedicated the brand is in making the busy lives of people a healthier one. This ‘fight-for-health-against-time’ mission, along with its vision and values, the brand has opened more than 500 outlets in India and around the Middle-East in just a span of 5 years’ time.

What’s The USP of Lassi Shop?

With its franchise partners in place for over two big countries – India and the UAE – this coming-of-age authentic “smoothie” shop offers a variety of drinks (yoghurt-based and non-yoghurt-based) with mouthwatering flavors in vibrant and colorful hues. The use of fruit and vegetable dyes to give color to their drinks is unique yet interesting.

Besides the yummilicious lassi(s), the shop also offers fresh fruits and vegetable drinks, sodas, freshly prepped mocktails and, the love-of-all, smoothies! The thought of recreating memories and friendships with a sweet glass of LASSI in hand savoring the taste of traditions and cultural unity is all the more alluring.

What Are the Benefits of Owning a Lassi Shop Franchise in India?

Being in the industry for more than 4 years now, the Lassi Shop has proved to be one of the most innovative and authentic franchises in India. It is said that ‘they have a product that speaks for itself’ and innovative enough to sell on its own. Owning a franchise of this brand has its own benefits including being one of the most cost-effective ones for an Indian F&B retail franchise.

A Lower-Investment Food and Beverage Franchise

Many F&B retail franchises with concepts that match the quality standards cost more when it comes to pouring in investments. Lassi Shop is a brand that is pretty affordable in comparison to most of the recent new-age beverage-concept cafes. It is a start-up that requires low investment, simpler training for the employees and an easier business model to manage.

Moreover, it requires a minimum space of only 200 sq.ft. making it possible for smaller and cozier places to be a part of the run. The start-up costs for this brand could start from as low as Rs. 10 lakhs and can go up accordingly with respect to the services one wishes to provide.

Suitable Business Model for Most of the Year

Summers take up the longest time of the year in a country like India. It is a time that spans for more than 7 months which makes it the best time for the business. The hot humid weather is the best preferred time when people readily divulge themselves for flavors while looking for something soothing and cooling to drink.

And what better can be than Lassi! Offering an array of flavorful mocktails and creamy smoothies, this brand could prove to be an alternative that people would turn to instead of same old fizzy drinks.

Suitable for Small Town Cafe Culture

Lassi Shop is a business model that focuses more on the authenticity and the taste people would relate themselves to. This idea sells itself as Lassi is a beverage that has become so staple in the cultural diet of people from around the nation that no one says NO to it. It is something everyone would want and which makes it an item in demand.

With the increasing developments and introduction of the ‘cafe culture’ in smaller and more remote towns and cities, Lassi shop could become a wonderful business opportunity to introduce something so staple to the local diet, yet so refreshingly new. This would prove to be an investment that would bring guaranteed returns in no time.

Amazing Potential for Profit

Compared to the investment one puts in, Lassi Shop would prove to be profitable in no time. A place to sit and chat about the favorite incident at school, or talk about the neighbor who ran away, or discuss some land deals, this shop can be a great local fit at any place. Fresh juices and refreshing mocktails carefully crafted and beautifully decorated provide a sense of exploring the known-unknown.

What Are the Requirements to Start a Lassi Shop Franchise in India?

This is a fun, people-friendly cafe idea that anyone with an outgoing yet caring personality could manage. The preference to provide the best to the customers and a willingness to serve a healthier and colorful option should be a must.

Knowing what people want is really important and serving what they love could help build profits and connections. Lassi Shop is a plan that can be unfolded in a 200 sq. ft. area with a few tables and seaters with a calming yet fun cafe environment. This business model is easily manageable and is easier to scale your business as it grows.

Smoothies are a healthier snack-alternative that health-conscious people are turning to these days and it will be an added advantage for the franchise to open among those lines. Concentrating on the community and the ways to build community relationships can provide an upper hand for a successful franchise.

Preparation of smoothies, mocktails and the flavored Lassi does not require tough-to-follow grandma recipes. Rather just some blending and more blending and some more blending is all you would need. So the training of employees and staff becomes pretty easy as well.

How Much Investment Is Required to Start a Lassi Shop Franchise in India?

This business model is an affordable, cost-effective and people-friendly model. The cost for the start-up can cost anywhere between Rs. 10 lakhs to Rs. 30 lakhs depending on the scale and target audience of the model. The business model is flexible to accommodate different retail formats and various single or multi-unit franchises. This kind of business model can also be used to complement one’s existing businesses as well.

The brand Lassi Shop signs a standard franchise agreement which has validity for a lifetime. A profit margin of 30-40% is the basic to be expected for total sales and it might take a period of 6-8 months to get returns of the investment.


India is a country with people taking their foods seriously, and their love for the nation even more seriously. Tell them Lassi Shop is India’s first-ever F&B retail store to have more than 500 outlets in only the Deccan part of India, and they will run towards it like nothing else. With ‘make-in-India’ enjoying its success in the country’s lap, the idea of an Indian business brand is something that would be accepted with much love and enthusiasm.

Lassi, being the one beverage that is loved by people of all ages, is the protagonist in the limelight here. Carefully curated menu and the health perspective kept in mind while designing it is something that definitely attracts a lot of audiences. No one really needs to blend in a shake or smoothie and no one at all would need the training to make Lassi(s) as well.

Investment charges cover the brand fee and cost of equipment. The company has a format of application to be submitted for applying for a franchise opening on the company’s website. The brand itself helps you with the setting up of the cafe with suitable arrangements of seaters and tables. They even help with advertisements and marketing. It is a business that is worth investing because LASSI CAN NEVER GO OUT OF BUSINESS!

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