How to start a Ribbons & Balloons Franchise in India?

The other day at a famous confectionary shop, a display board caught my eye. It read “A party without a cake is just a meeting.”

How true is this. Be it birthdays, anniversaries, an official success or just a family celebration, everything calls for a cake and happy faces around it. As we get more and more influenced by Western thought and lifestyle, our ways of celebration are changing and becoming more grand and personalized.

Earlier a cake was synonymous with bread layered with vanilla cream and some plum cherries at the top or something simple that our mother baked in her oven, but today the bakery and patisserie industry has revolutionized the concept of confectionary. You have a world of cakes with flavours as simple as pineapple to something as elaborate as an orange-velvet or chilli cake. There is one for every occasion and every demand.

Ask any Mumbaikar to recommend a good confectionary shop and the first name that strikes him is Ribbons & Balloons. For years, these confectioners have been the first choice of the city and are loved equally by people of all ages. With their quality products, fresh ingredients and straight from the oven promise….they are undoubtedly the best in the confectionary industry.

However, it is not only cakes and pastries, that Ribbons & Balloons offer….if you are an enthusiast entrepreneur and looking to partner with an established brand in the baking business, then Ribbons & Balloons can offer a franchise opportunity to you as well.

Baking Cakes….Spreading Happiness for Years

Ribbons & Balloons Franchise

It all started in 2005 when a visionary entrepreneur Satish.V.Shetty came up with idea of setting up a confectionary shop in Mumbai. The shop which later became the iconic Ribbons & Balloons offers a variety of cakes, pastries, desserts, cookies and brownies. With time and by word of mouth, the fame of the confectionary shop spread far and across. Soon he set up other outlets in different locations of the city.

Today, the small one outlet shop is a brand in itself that runs under the aegis of Yaash Krishni Group of Companies. Satish Shetty heads the company as its Chairman & Managing Director. Under his visionary leadership the brand has captured the confectionary industry in the city and in adjoining areas. Ribbons & Balloons has not only spread in the vast Mumbai city but also marked its presence in Pune and Mangalore.

Ribbons & Balloons has around 100 outlets in Mumbai and Pune and is best known for its fancy designer cakes, brownies, desserts and sandwiches. The Big’O’ Donuts and Tid Bits collection are also a star attraction of the shop. The ‘Sinfull Collections’ has a range of cakes from classic Black Forest to the exotic Toblerone Cake.

For almost 15 years the Ribbons & Balloons has earned a reputation in the baking and confectionary industry and are trusted for their delightful taste and uncompromising quality.

Recently,in 2018, the brand opened its first outlet in its hometown of Mangalore. The locals of the city were excited to welcome the brand in their city as they could now have a taste of all those sinful cakes and mouthwatering desserts and savouries.

USP of Ribbons & Balloons… Fresh…Fancy & Flavoursome

Yes you read it right….fresh, fancy and flavoursome is what best describes Ribbons & Balloons-the No.1 confectioners in Mumbai, Pune and Thane. All ingredients used by the iconic brand are fresh, preservative free and of the highest quality and standard.

They have handcrafted recipes for their cakes and avoid the use of alternative readymade mixes. The creams, fruits and all toppings used for the cakes and pastries are carefully picked and assorted keeping in mind the reputation that the brand has earned for itself during all these years.

Besides regular cakes and desserts, Ribbons & Balloons also has a range of sandwiches, donuts, tea cakes, puff rolls and brownies to offer. The Big ‘O’ Donuts of the confectionary chain are something that a foodie can die for. They are baked daily and have an enticing freshness and aroma that can pull a foodie with a sweet tooth from any corner of the city.

Keeping in mind the taste and preferences of their customers, Ribbons & Balloons has a range of eggless products as well. The photo cakes and fancy-designer special occasion cakes are other star attractions on the menu of the bakers.

All toppings and filling are made in-house ensuring that the quality, taste and freshness are maintained throughout. No wonder what they serve straight out of the oven is fresh and absolutely flavoursome!

What are the Benefits of Owning a Ribbons & Balloons Franchise?

A small confectionary shop that has turned into a chain of outlets across one of the busiest cities of India…yes Ribbons & Balloons has surely proved its worth and mettle during the last 15 years of its journey.

Its 700 +employees who work seamlessly to deliver quality products surely know how to keep up the taste and reputation of the brand that has grown over the years.

Today every major residential and commercial locality of Mumbai city has a Ribbons & Balloons outlet. Thanks to the sincere patronage of a large client base and the warm hospitality offered by the confectioners in all these years of service.

Touching the taste buds of millions, the iconic brand has made a place for itself in the hearts of Mumbaikars and also in its twin city of Pune. Stepping out in Mangalore city, it is sure to mark its presence there and recreate the magic that it is best known for.

With a strong and visionary leadership, an established brand that works on the premise of offering quality products to its customers, Ribbons & Balloons is one brand you surely would want to be associated with.

Obtaining a franchise of Ribbons & Balloons is relatively easy and with a reasonable investment, a little hard work and some zestful entrepreneurial skills you can surely bake good profits.

Regions of Operation & Expansion Plans

With its head office located in Ghatkopar-Mumbai, Ribbons & Balloons outlets are spread across different locations of Mumbai like Malad East, Malad West, Andheri, Sakinaka, Mumbra, Kalyan, Dombivli and in many more areas.

The brand also has outlets in Pune at Kharadi, Kothrud, Pashan and at various other locations in Pune.  In Mangalore, the brand has opened only one branch at Ballalgarh but has plans to open some more outlets to cater to the city clients.

In future, Ribbons & Balloons has future plans to set up 30 to 40 outlets in Mangalore, Udupi, Kundapur and Puttur. The company aims to execute its expansion plan through a franchise model and partner with entrepreneurs who can help the brand carry forward its vision of offering quality products to the customers at an affordable price.

What are the Requirements of Owning a Ribbons & Balloon Franchise?

Ribbons & Balloons has always encouraged a franchise model to expand its business and has kept the franchise requirements and conditions easy and simple.


An outlet of Ribbons & Balloons requires a carpet area of just 600-650 square feet. All outlets of the brand are spacious, with a full display of the products and a warm ambience which is a hallmark of a good confectionary shop. The outlet should preferably be in a busy market place, malls, shopping centres or close to schools and colleges so as to attract potential customers.


Setting up a franchise of Ribbons & Balloons needs an initial investment of about 10-20 lac rupees. The cost includes procuring an area, interior-décor as per company standards, maintaining stock of the products, branding and various other one -time expenses.

Skills & Training

Baking is an art which needs skill and finesse. If you are planning to own a franchise of the renowned Ribbons & Balloons ensure that you have a fine taste and knowledge of the food industry and have the best team of bakers and pastry chef by your side. The staff at each outlet is limited to just 7-8 employees but they should be well versed in their craft and have a professional approach to their work so as to deliver the finest quality goods that are rich in taste and nutrition.

In house training on baking, presentation and handling of confectionary is provided by the franchisor, apart from detailed instructions and guidelines regarding the reputed recipes. As and when needed the chefs should be flexible in learning new skills that the market demands and those that the customers seek.

Agreement and Legal Aspects

As is the norm in franchise business, the franchisee needs to enter into a legal agreement with the franchisor, which is usually for a definite period of time. The agreement is usually renewable between the parties if everything goes well and the business is smooth running.

Step into the Shoes…Profitability Check

With so much said and discussed about the iconic brand Ribbons & Balloons, let us see through a hypothetical example whether it really is a profitable venture to step into….

Rent paid monthly for 600 sq.ft of area=Rs. 20000
Salary paid to 6 employees on a monthly basis
           (2 Chefs@12000=Rs.20000+ 8 employees @ 10000=Rs.80000)
         Miscellaneous Expenses=Rs. 10000
Total Expenses incurred in a month= 20000+80000+ 10000=1,10,000    

• Average footfall of customers at an outlet during a day=35 people
• Average amount per order billed in a day =Rs.750
• Total Income earned in a day= (30*750)=Rs. 22500

Total Income earned in a month= (Rs.22500*30) = Rs.6,75,000

Gross Profit for the month (50% of Rs.675000) = Rs.3,37,500
So, Total Profit for the month= Gross Profit for the month-Monthly Expenses
= Rs.337500-Rs.110000
= Rs. 2,27,500
With this huge profit margin in a month, a franchisee can expect to break even and earn back his investment in the very first year of setting up his franchise.


While cakes, bakes and cookies can look fancy and delightful, remember they can earn you a handsome profit as well. The iconic brand Ribbons & Balloons that was born in Mumbai in 2005 has surely proved this over the years and continues to be promising in the years ahead as well.

The brand has grown and expanded exponentially over the years and has a long story of hard work, strategic planning and seamless customer service that has made it the number one brand in its domain and has captured the geographical location of the most happening city of the country.

Its handcrafted signature cakes, pastries and savouries have all been a major hit and continue to win hearts of people across all ages.

With a brand reputation that runs across the Mumbai city and its suburbs, surely Ribbons & Balloons is a good brand to franchise if you run a business or are planning to set up one in Mumbai, Thane, Pune or Mangalore. The company has recently made its foray in Mangalore city and there are opportunities galore in the commercial centre of Karnataka. With the warm response received by its single outlet, the company aims to expand rapidly in this town of South India.

So while your sweet tooth may be craving for a sinful piece of chocolate brownie, don’t forget to pay heed to your wisdom tooth that may be hinting you to grab a franchise of the well-known Ribbons & Ballooons-your comfort zone for all your sweet hunger pangs. With a little investment, a well researched location, an experienced pastry chef and a handful of staff members who are dedicated to good customer service, you have all the ingredients to bake your cake of fruitful profits. And remember, the association with a renowned brand like Ribbons & Balloons is the extra icing on the cake which will ensure quick returns and positive results from day one.

So… what are you waiting for? Loaded with all these details you have surely made up your mind to own its franchise and ring in the party bells of your success….but this time in your own cake shop… your very own Ribbons and Balloons!

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