How to Start Tibbs Frankie Franchise in India?

Tibbs Frankie is a three decade old food brand, interestingly named after the West Indies cricket Frank Worell. “Everything rolled in a naan and roti is not a Frankie” reads one of their brand slogans. The name Tibbs slowly grew into  a potentially strong food brand which stands for quality, taste and value for money.

Even after spreading their branches to many places in the country, they, till date, maintain their quality, taste and price as promised in it’s initial days. After it was introduced to the world, the Tibbs Frankie revolutionized the Indian food market.

Currently, the Tibbs Frankie brand has over 300 outlets in more than 15 Cities in India and willing to expand to every nook and corner of the country to expand their brand name. The company is offering franchise opportunity across India except for the states Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh.

History of Tibbs Frankie

Every big industry though starts small, but has a glorious history to back it.

Launched in 1969 in Mumbai, Tibbs Frankie has grown to become a household name for many. After tasting a Lebanese delicacy prepared from pita bread and a whopping variety of stuffing, at Beirut, Mr. Amarjit Singh Tibb and his wife Surinder Tibb decided that the Indian palate lacked the sumptuous taste they both had experienced in Beirut, and thus Tibbs Frankie was founded.

For few years, they experimented with spice mixes to get the desired favour of curried meat and vegetables for the filling of the wrap. After gaining the trust of it’s customers, Tibbs Frankie was registered as a trademark of Tibbs Bar-B-Q. Later, Tibbs family welcomed Mr Charanjit Singh Tibb in 1985 as the head of sales and finance. He looks after the brand evolution and local marketing. It is under his capabilities that Tibbs ventured into the malls and multiplex.

In 1992, Mr Jasmit Tibb joined the Tibbs family and had worked day and night to revamp the look and feel of the outlets, and introduced a futuristic packaging of their food to provide their customers a world class experience. Mr. Jasmit Tibb’s leadership helped establish the brand nationwide and set up operations in Dubai and UK.

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Tibbs Frankie’s USP

Remarkable Taste

Tibbs Frankie wraps are known for its remarkable taste. The name Tibbs has become synonymous for not only value for money, but also for excellent food quality and quantity. Several years went into making that which is loved by all today. Mr. Amarjit Singh Tibb and his wife Surinder Tibb had dedicated a lifetime to perfect the right balance of spices and provide the right texture to the curried meat and vegetables. So, it’s not just any food corner selling rolls, it’s Tibbs Frankie Bar-B-Q rolls.


tibbs frankie franchise

After consuming one of their incredible rolls, one can easily say that Tibbs Frankie’s unique selling point is their highly secret masala known as the Tibbs Frankie Masala. It is this masala that makes the Tibbs Frankie rolls and wraps so famous and loved by all. The Tibbs Frankie masala has been prepared with extreme cautiousness, keeping the Indian palate in mind. The prepared masala is a result of extreme hard work and a dedicated to provide the best to the customers.

Benefits of owning Tibbs Frankie Franchise

Tibbs Frankie is not only a renowned but also a very old food company. Since it’s early days in 1969 till today, it has kept it’s food quality the same and thus gaining the trust of it’s valuable customers.

No matter how many similar outlets have opened promising to sell same quality of food as Tibbs Frankie, customers have always preferred Tibbs Frankie over any other food brand for its taste, authentic ingredients and generous quantity.

Wherever Tibbs Frankie has opened their outlets, whether it be Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore or Hyderabad, it has only received overwhelming love from it’s customers. With the increase in sales, the franchise owners in different parts of the country have experienced similar exponential growth in their business and earned fair amount of profit each year.

Till date, hardly any negative feedback has been recorded by any customer in any outlet of Tibbs Frankie.

  • You will, as a franchise owner, get guaranteed profit in a remarkably short period of time.
  • As a franchise owner, you will get several benefits and flexible schemes of investment for yourself.
  • As a franchise owner, make a name for yourself through the reliable Tibbs Frankie food brand.
  • Develop a customer base as a franchise owner and be exposed to new opportunities presented in the Tibbs Frankie company.

What Are the Requirements to Start a Tibbs Frankie Franchise in India?

In order to apply for Tibbs Frankie Franchise, the certain requirements needs to be fulfilled.


While applying for the franchise, having an space area of 50 to 150 is the most important requirement for owning the Tibbs Frankie outlet. Having adequate area for the food outlet is a important so that the employees can work in a non dingy and spacious environment for efficient working and maintaining cleanliness.

Skills or Experience

Every interested individual need to mention their specific skills or work experiences that they think will be perfectly suited for owning a Tibbs Frankie Franchise. Tibbs Frankie group will want an experienced personnel to take up the franchise because Tibbs Frankie will not compromise with its reputation in the food industry.

Every person applying will be evaluated to know whether they are capable of taking up the huge responsibility of a brand like Tibbs Frankie. They must have good marketing and management skills necessary to regulate the workings of the franchise. Also, they must have good communication skills in order to reach out to the company in case of any problem, to the employees for better productivity and to the customers for better franchise-customer relationship.

Regions of operations

One needs to mention about the region from which they will be operating the new Tibbs Frankie outlet. Tibbs is looking to expand its boundaries as much as possible within the country. Preferences will be given to individuals who are choosing to operate from regions which are not near to already existing Tibbs Frankie outlet. The company is offering franchise opportunity across India except for the states Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh.


In order to maintain the high end quality that Tibbs Frankie promises it’s customers with, Tibbs will offer an extensive training to the selected individuals favoured for the franchise. The selected ones need to be open to the training methods and should stick by the taught procedures in order to maintain the reputation of the brand Tibbs Frankie.

Regular follow ups need to be presented to the company by the individual assigned for the franchise. If the quality of the brand is not maintained, the franchise might be dissolved. The training will be provided at the requested franchise outlet only by Tibbs Frankie professionals.

Minimum Staff Requirement

The franchise owner needs to maintain a minimum staff requirement for maintaining the outlet, customer dealing and good production and its distribution. Every Franchise owner needs to maintain a staff of 3 to 5. It is a must that the franchise owner employs individuals with necessary skills which fulfil Tibbs Frankie standard.

How Much Does It Cost to start a Tibbs Franchise in India

While applying for the franchise, one needs to make an initial investment and agree to the franchise terms and conditions from the company. Depending on the years of bond, several offers can be availed by the individual in terms of the initial investment. One needs to closely study the revenue models proposed by the company and choose a model that suits their purpose.

Initial investment or the franchise fee is 1.5 lacs that includes training programs to be conducted at the franchise and the software and hardware installations necessary for the Franchise to function properly.

The tenure of agreement is 5 years and is renewable.

Profitability – Owning a Tibbs Frankie Franchise is profitable indeed.

Approximate initial investment – 3 to 5 lacs ( Includes the Franchise fee of 1.5 lacs, approximate rent of the outlet to be 30000, approximate salary of two skilled staffs and three non skilled staffs to be 60000, approximate equipment installation fee is 65000, approximate furniture and fixture fee is another 55000, and advertisement fee is 40000 )

Your income projection will be plotted on the basis of the amount of foot fall since the inaugural of the outlet. One needs to keep a close count on how many people are visiting the franchised outlet on a daily basis. Taking customer feedback is of utmost priority because satisfied customers will become your regular customers and be of immense help in mouth publicity.

Another important factor on which your profit graph will heavily depend on is the average order amount per group. In the very beginning, expect to make 500 on every group’s order. Thus, it will take around 10 months’ time to make a profit on your initial investment.

If you study the statistics of previous successful franchise owners, you can easily see that the projected profitability graph has exponentially increased from the very opening of the outlet due to the brand name and popularity that Tibbs Frankie provide franchise owners with.


Tibbs Frankie is a class apart promise to the food industry that strives to bring the best quality of food to its valuable customers. A 1969 started old and trusted brand like Tibbs Frankie has revolutionized the fast food scenery in India, and will help you too to grow your business on a larger scale by selling their signature rolls and wraps through the franchise owners to the customers.

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