How to Start a 3M Car Care Franchise in India?

Car is a necessity in today’s world. One needs a car for making day to day life easier. But the vehicle requires maintenance from time to time. It needs an expert to look into the detailing of the vehicle. Car detailing is the latest trend in the market in India. Slowly, there has been a steep rise in demand for car care in India.

3M car care franchise is a pioneer in the field and is leading from the front in the changing face of the automobile service industry. An established and popular company in the USA, it has created a stir in the automobile service sector in India.

History of 3M Car Care

The 3M Company, previously known as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company is a USA based company and operates in various fields like industry, worker safety, health care, consumer goods to name a few. The company deals in various products including car care products and services.

3M entered the Indian market in the year 1988 in partnership with the Birlas. The company earlier supplied tapes and copper connectivity solutions for the telecom industry. The Birlas sold their part of the shares in the 3M Company in 2002. After the exit of the Birlas, 3M India experimented with working with automobile dealers to understand the servicing business.

3M India initially opened 22 car care shops, mostly in the west and south India, as a pilot project. The company now has a nationwide presence.

3M Car Care USP

3m car care franchise

Once in a while, even the car requires profession care from the experts. Today everyone wants their car to look showroom Esque any given time. People are willing to spend money on maintaining the look and style of their cars. 3M Car Care provides professional care and service to cars. Located in all the major cities in India, this US-based company has made India its second home. It is one of the leading car care service providers in the country. They perform extreme thorough cleaning and restoration of the car from both inside and outside, however at a far more involved level than a regular car wash.

The teams at 3M Car Care are highly trained and are true professionals. With 3M Car Care, car detailing services are just not limited to the Hi-end luxury cars. The company gives the same professional care to regular cars too. The company addresses almost every need for a car owner. They also provide the services at your doorstep. 

3M Car Care is an authentic place to get one’s car care needs addressed. It is a place where technology, people and car care connect with one another. It is the place where the car owner will appreciate the tremendous application of technology and the company’s belief in human connect.

Benefits of owning a 3M Car Care franchise

Market Leader

3M is the market leader in the Car Care service sector. The company has a presence in over 25 cities with many service stations all across India. 3M Car Care enjoys a market leadership position. The company has more than 55% market share. In India, the car detailing segment is rapidly growing by 25 % – 30% per annum. 3M Car Care is dominating the sector with its superior services.

Sustainable Technology

3M Car Care uses world-class technology. The company uses up to date, the latest technology on cars. They inspire innovations and ignite the process. They also contribute to true global sustainable development through environmental protection, corporate and social responsibility, and economic progress. Their technology is always evolving and advancing.

Variety of services provided

The company provides a range of services under the same roof. Their list of services includes car wash and car wax, exterior treatment, interior treatment, anti-rust treatment, car engine treatments, car wraps, paint protection films, acoustic solutions.

Global Recognition

3M Car Care is a US-based company. The company has been providing car care services in many countries around the globe. The company has its presence in over 70 countries across the world. It is a highly reputed company globally. The company uses internationally approved and recognized technology on cars.

Brand value

Over the years the company has earned a name for itself around the globe. In India, 3M Car Care is leading the car care service sector at the forefront. It is the leader in the car care sector. The brand has slowly being recognized, accepted and appreciated by the Indians.

Customer Service

3M Car Care provides the best customer support. The store manager loves to discuss in detail the car care service to be provided in the car. There is a customer lounge where the customer can relax hassle-free and see their car being transformed into a cleaner, shinier car. 

Car Care Products

3M Car Care also provides the customers with a wide range of car care products to choose from.


3M Car Care has a presence in the major cities of India. They also have stores in tier 2 cities like Aurangabad.

What are the requirements to start a 3M Car Care franchise in India?


The company has different formats of operation. Area requirement for Solutions format is 1400 square feet to 1800 square feet. Area required for Crossover format is between 1800 square feet to 2500 square feet. The property needs to be a commercial property on the ground floor.

Skills or Experience

3M Car Care is looking for a franchisee that is enthusiastic and is ready to be personally involved in the working of the store. The franchisee should have the required aptitude and will to start a new business. He has to focus on building a strong customer base. He should follow the business model diligently. The franchisee should have a strong orientation to manage the store staff. Someone who has experience in running a B2C business is preferred. The preferred franchisee must have strong financials with a net worth of INR 1 crore.

Regions of Operation

3M Car Care has more than 1000 outlets all over India. At present the company has its outlets in cities like Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Goa, Gurugram, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune. They also have stores in cities like Patna, Aurangabad, Vellore, Belgaum, Bhopal, Calicut, Erode, and Guntur. The company has a presence in many other cities all over India. They are planning to expand in the states like Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Odisha, West Bengal, Rajasthan and other states of the country.


3M Car Care provides all possible assistance to the franchisee. Proper field assistance is given to the franchisee by the company. Expert guidance from the head office is given to start the business. Latest IT system and their use are also provided. The company trains the staff on the use and application of the products. Detailed training for car care is also given to the store staff.

Staff Requirement

Manpower of 12 to 15 people is required to run the store. There is a need of a manager who handles the customers. He needs to tell the customers about the process applied and the products used in the car care service. He needs to be able to answer any questions asked by the customers. He has to be friendly and greet customers pleasantly.

How much does a 3M Car Care franchise cost?


An investment between INR 50 lakh to 1 crore is required to start a franchise of 3M Car Care. The investment includes the cost of equipments required to carry out car care service. It also includes the cost of furniture and fixtures.

The brand fee is INR 5,00,000.

The company charges a royalty of 10% on the total earnings.

The investment does not include promotion and advertisement cost.

Years of bond and profitability

The company signs a standard franchise agreement. The franchise contract has a validity of 5 years. It is renewable. The expected return rate on investment is 40% in tier 1 cities and 30% in other cities. 2.5 years is estimated as the period to break even. However the figure of Rate of Return on investment depends on city and the marketing strategy.  The company gives exclusive territorial rights to a unit franchisee. 

Profitability explained through hypothetical example

Total investment done in a 3M Car Care store is INR 1 crore.

Expenses incurred in a month

  • Rent paid for a 1800 Sq. feet of area = INR 80,000
  • Salary paid to employees (10,000*15)=  INR 1,50,000
  • Salary of manager (25,000*1) = INR 25,000
  • Miscellaneous expenses = INR 50,000

Total expenses incurred in a month = INR 3,05,000

Income earned in a month

  • Income per day = INR 21,280
  • Revenue per month (INR 21,280* 30) = INR 6,38,400
  • Total profit per month (INR 6,38,400 – INR 3,05,000) = INR 3,33,400

According to the total profit earned in a month it will take about 2.5 years to earn back your entire investment. However the figure of Rate of Return on investment depends on city and the marketing strategy. 


The 3M Car Care Store is a place where technology, people and “car care” converge. This is where you, a car owner will appreciate the tremendous power of technology and 3M`s great beliefs in human connect.

A global leader in providing car care services, 3M Car Care is a brand that is approved by all leading car manufacturers. It is the preferred car detailing partner in over 1800 plus car dealerships across India. It has a distribution network of 200 plus service providers in about 240 cities in the country.

3M Car Care has a dedicated team of technical trainers to support sales and the applicator teams across the nation. It is one of the largest trained application based company. The company does approximately 2 lakh car treatments in over a month’s time. The company has enhanced the automotive lab to conduct advanced research and development.

The company has a dedicated staff and is a well-functioning organization.

The company has a presence in over 25 cities with many service stations all across India. The company has more than 55% market share in India. The car detailing segment is rapidly growing every year. 3M Car Care is dominating the sector with its superior services.

The total amount required to start a 3M Car Care store is INR 50 lakh to INR 1 crore. The brand fees that the company charge is INR 500000. A royalty of 10% is paid on the total earnings.

An area of 1800 square feet is required to open a store. The area should preferably be in a commercial area and located on the ground floor.

With the company’s goodwill and brand value, you can expect to earn back your entire investment in about 2.5 years. It is a very profitable business. The company provides all the required assistance to set up and run a store. The franchise contract has a validity of 5 years. It can be further extended.

3M Car Care is looking for dedicated franchise partners who are dedicated to the company’s work and the customers.

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