How to Start Apollo Diagnostics Franchise in India? Because Health Is the Biggest Wealth.

Diagnostic centers are slowly becoming an important part of the community. For ages, people had to rush to hospitals to get tested for the minutest of problems. Doctors relied on the symptoms of the patients to come up with a diagnosis and treat the patients.

Slowly the Diagnostic labs were set up in hospitals to test the patients. Blood Tests, X rays, sugar test all happened only in the hospitals. Long lines were formed to get oneself tested.

Private sector hospitals started construction of the diagnostic centers in various areas in the country. Medical diagnostic tests are conducted in these diagnostic lab centers. Patients of all the age group can get tested in these labs. These labs have considerably reduced the burden on the hospital labs for tests. The medical diagnostics market in India is growing at a steady rate of 15% CAGR.

There are many diagnostic labs in India. Apollo Diagnostics Franchise is one of them. It is one of the bigger diagnostic labs. People trust Apollo labs for the best diagnosis.

History of Apollo Diagnostics

apollo diagnostics franchise

Apollo Diagnostics is a part of Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited. Apollo Hospitals is a giant in the healthcare industry. It is an Indian Hospital chain with its headquarter in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The first Apollo Hospital was founded by Dr. Prathap C Reddy in the year 1983. This was the first of its kind hospital in the corporate healthcare business in India.

The chain of hospitals has been one of the first hospitals to receive international healthcare accreditation by America based Joint Commission International. The hospital has also received 13 NABH accreditation from the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers hospitals.

Apollo has diversified into the pharmacy business and has opened diagnostic labs all across India. Apollo Diagnostics is part of the Apollo Hospital group’s initiative to provide good healthcare to all. In 2015 over 100 Apollo Diagnostic centers were opened in India. The number of Apollo Diagnostic centers has only increased since then. The goal of these labs is to bring quality and affordable healthcare closer to the customers.

Apollo Diagnostics USP

Diagnostic lab centers make getting tested easier and convenient. Apollo Hospital is one of the most sought after hospitals in the country. Apollo Pharmacy, a branch of Apollo Hospital is doing a successful business of providing medicines to people who need them. The hospital group has also branched out and started Apollo Diagnostic centers in many cities in India.

Under its mission to provide good health for all, Apollo Hospitals opened up several diagnostic centers in convenient locations for people to get tested.

Apollo Hospital group delivers 3.5 million high-quality diagnostic tests every year in the country. 95% of its patients appreciate and believe in the diagnostic tests conducted by the Apollo diagnostic labs. They have given an excellent rating to these centers.

The diagnostic experts and technicians are always guided by the hospital. The hospital has equipped all the Apollo Diagnostic labs with state of the art technology equipment. 

In a little time span of 18 months, Apollo Diagnostic centers went from 0 to more than 100 labs in the country.

There are so many tests required to be conducted to diagnose a problem or disease. Most of the pathological labs in India charge exuberantly for simple tests. The high cost of tests has made people lose their trust in these labs.  Apollo makes sure that it provides the customers with affordable prices to get tested and diagnosed.

Apollo Diagnostic centers are making a name for themselves outside the Apollo Hospital Group umbrella.

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Benefits of owning Apollo Diagnostics franchise in India

Association with Apollo

Apollo Hospitals is a very big name in the healthcare industry.  People from many countries outside India also come to Apollo for treatment. The hospital has been in this industry since 1983. It is a very reputed hospital and trusted by the people. Apollo Diagnostics is a branch of the Apollo Hospital.


There has been a rampant rise in the demand for pathological labs in India. People generally go to hospitals to get tested. A family generally spends 11% of its total income on healthcare.  Most ailments require testing. The availability of a diagnostic center in the local area saves the time of people and is convenient.

Expert assistance

Apollo has 36 years of experience in the healthcare sector. It has a team of experts in the field of healthcare who are available round the clock to assist the patients.

Rapid Growth

In 2015 Apollo Diagnostics opened over 100 diagnostic centers in India. In 2016 the number increased to 150+ collection centers. By the year 2017, they had more than 250 centers. As of today, the chain has 15 labs and more than 250 collection centers in India.

All day services

Apollo provides services to its customers throughout the day. Reports can be collected at the sample collection center or download it online.


The diagnostic center uses the latest technology to collect samples and conduct tests. All the machines used in the collection center are the best machines available in the market.


The main aim of Apollo diagnostics is to provide affordable healthcare to everyone. The lab comes up with various plans and packages that allow customers to get multiple tests done at an affordable rate.

Low Running Cost

The total cost to run an Apollo Diagnostic center is low. A diagnostic center does not require much of an investment.

What are the requirements to start Apollo Diagnostic franchise in India?


The total area required to start a franchise of Apollo Diagnostic is between 200 square feet to 250 square feet. The required space must be located in a residential area. Middle class or upper middle class neighborhood is preferred. The space must be located on the ground floor so that it is easily accessible by the senior citizens and people with disability too. The collection center will be easily locatable from the ground floor. There must be enough space for customers to wait. A doctor’s clinic near the center will be beneficial. The design and color code for the center is provided by the head office. The space must also have a washroom.

Skills or Experience

The company is looking for franchise partners who are in pharmaceutical or healthcare profession. Doctors are also ideal partners. The franchise partner must be dedicated towards growing the business. They must either own the required are or must lease or rent it. The franchise partner must want to be associated with a brand known for quality and is a pioneer in healthcare industry.

Regions of Operation

Apollo Hospitals has its headquarters in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The company currently has more than 250 collection centers and 15 labs in India. The diagnostic labs are currently located in Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai and Pune. The company is planning on expanding in the tier 2 cities like Madurai, Trichy, Hubli, Vizag, Kurnool, Rajahmundry and Nashik. The company is planning for a pan India growth. They also want to expand in the other major cities in India like New Delhi and Mumbai. The company wants to have its diagnostic centers in all the states and Union Territories of India.


The company helps in selecting the site to open the Patient Care Center. A detailed project report is also prepared by the company. The company gives logistics support to the franchisee. All the tests conducted on the samples collected are done at a center dedicated to conducting such tests. Full training is given to the collection center staff on how to handle the samples, reports handling and customer support. The company also helps in marketing and advertisement. The employees are trained by the company. The company also runs regular operational and quality audits.

Staff Requirement

A diagnostic center needs around 10 to 15 staff members. These include a receptionist, sample collectors and cleaning staff.

How much does Apollo Diagnostic franchise cost?


An investment of INR 3 lakh to INR 5 Lakh is required to start a Apollo Diagnostic Collection Center. For cluster units an investment of INR 15 lakh to INR 20 lakh is required.

The brand fee charged by the company is INR 1 lakh.

Years of bond and profitability

The company signs a standard franchise agreement with the franchisee. The franchise agreement is for 5 years. The contract can be renewed on expiration. The likely Return on Investment period is 1 year.


The opening of diagnostic centers in residential areas has made medical testings very convenient for the patients. No one wants to rush to the hospital to get a simple blood sugar test done. Patient Care Diagnostic centers have made getting the tests done very easy. Many sample collection centers conduct testing on the sample collected. The report collection process is also easy.

Apollo Diagnostics is one of the bigger names in the healthcare industry. It is a branch of the well-reputed Apollo Hospitals Group. Apollo Hospital has been serving mankind for the past 36 years. The group has opened hospitals in few cities in India. They also have dedicated pharmacy and clinics for people. The group has recently ventured in opening the Diagnostic Centers in India. in less than 4 years the number of Apollo diagnostic centers has increased from 0 to 250+ people care centers.

These centers are backed by the technology used by the Apollo Hospitals group. People have shown placed the same faith in these diagnostic centers as they have in Apollo Hospitals. The people care center has earned a name for itself outside the ambit of its parent company.

Apollo Diagnostics is located in a few cities presently. But, they are rapidly expanding and are looking for franchise partners who are willing to work with them. The company provides quality tests at affordable prices.   

The total area required to open a franchise unit is between 200 square feet to 250 square feet. An investment of INR 3 lakh to INR 5 lakh is required to open a collection center. The company charges INR 1 lakh as the brand fee. The breakeven period is about 1 year.

Opening an Apollo Diagnostic center is a very profitable business.  

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