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India has slowly become one of the biggest two-wheeler markets around the world. Scooter is the fastest-growing segment in the two-wheeler industry. Motorbike is the leader in the two-wheeler space. The motorcycling community is rapidly growing in India.

These people are passionate about riding a bike and everything about it. Riding a bike has become a rite of passage in India. It has brought a lot of two-wheeler brands to India. Everyone wants to bring in their best products to the country. 

Bajaj dealership is the leader in this industry in India. It is a well-reputed company that deals both in two-wheelers and three-wheelers vehicles.

History of Bajaj Dealership

bajaj dealership

Bajaj Auto Limited is a Pune, Maharashtra based Indian company that manufactures two-wheeler and three-wheeler vehicles. Bajaj Auto Limited is a segment of the Bajaj Group. They manufacture scooter, motorcycle and auto rickshaws. The company is based in Pune, Maharashtra and has plants in Chakan in Pune, Waluj near Aurangabad and Pantnagar in Uttrakhand. Bajaj Auto was founded in the 1940s by Jamnalal Bajaj in Rajasthan. 

The company came to existence on 29 November 1944 and was known as M/s Bachraj Trading Corporation Private Limited. Bajaj Group started its business by selling imported two-wheelers and three-wheelers in India.

A license to manufacture two-wheelers and three-wheelers was obtained by the company in the year 1959 from the Government of India. Earlier the company only focused on manufacturing scooters. In 1986, the company launched motorcycles. The launch of the motorcycle changed the company’s image from a scooter manufacturer to a two-wheeler manufacturer.

Bajaj two-wheelers are widely sold in India. It is a household name in the country.

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Bajaj Two Wheeler dealership USP

A two-wheeler makes the travel easy and convenient. Bajaj Auto Limited, the world’s third-largest motorcycle producer has been making the rides easy and convenient for all. It is the second-largest two-wheeler producer in India. A company which was started in 1944 to sell imported two-wheelers and three-wheelers in India slowly shifted its base and started manufacturing its own two-wheelers and three-wheelers in India. The company has been promoting Make in India by selling India manufactured goods.

The company has been an automobile giant in the two-wheeler vehicle sector. Pulsor and Discover are the most loved and purchased models of the company. There has been a steep rise in the demand for Bajaj manufactured two-wheeler vehicles in India.

Bajaj’s two-wheelers are not only stylish but also provide comfort to the buyers. The company is widely known for its low-cost manufacturing. They sell the vehicles at a reasonable rate. The company not only provides quality products but they charge less as compared to the other two-wheeler giants present in the market.

The company enjoys a good reputation in the country. Bajaj has been in the market for decades and is considered to be highly reliable. Today the need for thrill is attracting more and more people towards two-wheelers and Bajaj is one of the most promising two-wheeler manufacturers in India. 

Benefits of owning a Bajaj Two Wheeler dealership

Market Brand Positioning

Bajaj Auto is the world’s third-largest two and three-wheeler auto manufacturer. In India, the company ranks number 2 in the manufacturing of two-wheelers. The company manufactures motorcycles, scooters and a few three-wheeler vehicles. Bajaj Pulsar is the most popular product sold by Bajaj Auto in the two-wheeler division.

Continuous Development

The company offers a wide range of scooters and motorcycles. They have reached to a large number of people. A wide range of products and a large customer base allows the company to continuously grow in the market.

Bajaj KTM Alliance

Bajaj Auto International Holdings is a subsidiary of Bajaj Auto Limited. It holds a share of 48% in Europe’s second-largest sports motorcycle manufacturer, KTM. KTM is an Austrian company. KTM is a reputed brand globally. The alliance between Bajaj Auto and KTM is helping both the companies to deliver continual results. They offer products at a good cost and with the best quality. KTM has opened a large global market reach for Bajaj Auto.


Bajaj Auto has given its dealership to many people throughout India. The company’s two-wheelers are in great demand. Bajaj has ensured a smooth supply of the end products to the customers through the dealers. The company has multiple service centers throughout the country.


Bajaj Auto featured in the Forbes magazine. In the year 2014, the company was placed at 96th number on Forbes’ most innovative companies. The Economic Times newspaper in India named the Bajaj Auto company of the year in 2011. Bajaj Pulsar has been received numerous awards and has gained immense recognition.

Market Share

Bajaj auto dominates the market in the two-wheeler category with a market share of 12%.The company has recorded a growth of 28.70% in the first quarter of 2019. This growth is the highest in the two-wheeler market. The company is rising upward.

Launching new vehicles

The two-wheeler manufacturer is planning to launch a venture in electric two-wheeler vehicles. It is continuously launching new improved products in the scooters and motorcycles range.

Made in India

Bajaj Auto is an Indian company and has its headquarters in Pune, Maharashtra. They have three manufacturing units in the country and are manufacturing all its vehicles in India.

What are the requirements to start a Bajaj Two Wheeler Dealership in India?


The area required to start the dealership must be big enough to accommodate everything needed in a showroom. The company sets up a guideline for the outlet. The area must be located such that it is easily locatable by the customers. It should be easily accessible. It should be comply the zoning laws of the local regional authorities. The area must accommodate space for a big display area for the bikes, working area for the people employed, and parking space for the vehicles to be sold. The company provides with different models for dealership.

A minimum of 5000 to 6000 square feet of area is required for the Bajaj Auto Dealership for an integrated 3S (Sales, Service and Spare Parts) model.

A minimum area of 2400 square feet is required for the purpose of setting a showroom and an office.

 A minimum of 2500 square feet is required for setting up the workshop.

A storage area of minimum 2000 square feet is required.

Skills or Experience

One needs no specific skills to start a Bajaj two-wheeler dealership. The company is looking for franchise partners who are willing to take initiative and build a strong customer base. They must provide the best service to the customers and uphold the brand name.

Regions of Operation

Bajaj sells its bikes and scooters in Indian two-wheeler markets through a large network of dealerships spread across the nation. The company is located in every city in India. It is India’s own manufacturer of two-wheeler vehicles. The company plans to expand its base in the states of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Haryana, Punjab, and Himachal Pradesh in the north.

In south the company wants to open more branches in Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Telangana.  In east the company wants more dealers in the states of Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Nagaland, West Bengal, Sikkim, Odisha. Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Goa are the target states in the west.  In central India the company wants to expand in the states of Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, and Jharkhand.


The company provides all the interior designing inputs for the showroom to the dealer. Proper training is given to all the staff including the team members and technical staff. Adequate training is given to the sales team related to the details on product features, customer handling & sales process.

The company also assists in business development. Necessary operational support is given to the dealer. The company helps in marketing and advertising. Technical knowledge and administrative assistance related to the products and running of the store is given to the dealer. Expert guidance from Head Office is always available. Latest IT systems are also included in the dealership.

Staff Requirement

Manager, sales Coordinator, sales consultant, technicians, supervisor, workshop manager, service advisor, sales persons, two-wheeler painters, store in charge are the manpower required to run and manage a dealership store. In addition staff to maintain the store is also required.

How much does a Bajaj Two Wheeler dealership cost?


An investment of INR 40 lakh to INR 50 lakh is required to open a store. This covers the cost of spare parts and interiors. If the area you want to take Franchise has the sales potential of 200 bikes right from the starting month, the initial amount to be paid will be INR 1 crore to INR 1.4 crore for starting a two-wheeler outlet.

A bank guarantee from any nationalized bank is required.

All the payment for procurement of goods is to be fully paid in advance.

Bajaj Auto does not take any deposits from the dealers.

Years of bond and profitability

The company signs a 2 years bond with its dealers. The contract is renewable every two years. Renewing of contract depends on the discretion of the company. The expected return on investment is around 18% to 24% every year. Distinct area of operation is given to the dealership for the sales and services. This is called as command area. Cross selling in other dealer’s area is not allowed.


The 2-wheeler market in India is highly competitive. There are many brands such which sell two-wheelers in India. Bajaj Auto is one such company. Bajaj Auto was started in India in the year 1944. The company has grown ever since its inception. The company is a major shareholder in the two-wheeler automobile industry. It is the second-largest motorcycle and scooter manufacturer in India. Bajaj Group is placed in the top ten business houses in India.

Bajaj is the first Indian two-wheeler manufacturer to introduce 4-stroke commuter motorcycles with the 150cc and 180cc sports engines in the Indian territorial market. The company has earned many awards in the years of its service. It featured in the Forbes list as one of the most innovative companies.

Bajaj has built a brand name for itself. Over the decades of its existance, the company has managed to capture a large share market in this competitive industry. As the vehicles are made in India, it is a major attraction amongst Indians. Its tag line “Humara Bajaj” is imprinted in the minds of both the older and younger generations.

An investment of INR 40 lakh to INR 50 lakh is required to open a store. All the payment for the procurement of goods is to be fully paid in advance. Bajaj Auto does not take any deposits from the dealers. The company signs a 2 years bond with its dealers. The dealership agreement can be renewed every two years. The expected return on investment is around 18% to 24% every year.

As a dealer, a person does need not invest time, energy or finance in advertising the outlet as Bajaj is already a well-established brand.

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