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How to Start a Eurokids Franchise in India?

The Indian education industry has been categorized into two parts, they are public education and private education. Under the Indian constitution act, children between the age group of 6 and 14 years have been given free and compulsory education as it is their fundamental right.

India has been continuously improving its quality of education as it is considered as one of the main contributors to India’s economic development. As of January 2019, India has over 900 universities and 40,000 colleges with a certain amount of seats that are reserved for scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and other backward classes. Currently, the Indian education sector is expected to reach an approximate worth of US $101.1 billion dollars by the end of 2019 and the higher education sector is expected to reach an estimate of US $35.03 billion by 2025.

Welcome to EuroKids

Eurokids franchise is one of the best play schools in India who ensures that your child has a smooth and seamless transition from home to school. This school helps every child to get comfortable in it’s nurturing and safe environment.

Eurokids follow one mantra “Child First” which focuses more on how the child can learn, play and grow to instil life skills through exploration and discovery along with a new-age mindful curriculum combined with scientifically designed games and toys.

Eurokids has been the pioneer in early child care education for more than 17 years ensuring your child’s development in a safe home-like environment along within close coordination with parents, making this Playschool as one of the best pre-schools in India.

History of EuroKids

EuroKids is a pre-school brand which is owned by EuroKids International Ltd was founded in 2001. The company who owned the pre-school was formerly known as Egmont Imagination (India) Ltd, a book publishing company.

Euro kids have been successful in providing education services to children under their guidance for almost 17 years. This school has raised every parent’s expectation and thus has paved a way for EuroKids success which currently has a network of about 900 schools in over 311 towns and cities across the country.

  • It was in 2003 that EuroKids opened their 100th pre-school in Lucknow and also started EuroJunior and EuroSenior programs.
  • In 2004 EuroKids opened its first overseas pre-school centre due to the management buy out and change of ownership.
  • In 2008 and 2011 EuroKids was awarded as the “Franchisor of the year” and “The best franchising program” in education respectively.
  • In 2012 and 2013 the pre-school again won “The Best Educational Business of the Year” and also the best “Education Franchising” award along with “Indian Education Award for Early Child Playschool Chain.”
  • In 2015 the pre-school created a milestone by opening over 900 centres across 350+ towns and cities across the country. They were also awarded the “Hall of fame,” “Indian most trusted brand” and “Power brand” of the year.
  • In 2017 EuroKids launched a new range of child-safe furniture and MyBuddy Smart Locator.
  • In 2018 EuroKids launched its onsite and near-site daycare facility along with their new-age Mindful Curriculum EUNOIA and was also awarded as the Best Education Brand by The Economic Times.

What is the USP of EuroKids?

Eurokids provide a safe environment for every child with their 5-point safety feature

The 5-point safety feature is one the best USP’s of EuroKids as they ensure that the children are in a safe home like environment.

  1. CCTV monitoring is done continuously
  2. EuroKids have their own child safe furniture and interiors so that every child is safe from getting hurt.
  3. They have also been certified as a safe school which makes parents trust the school even more in terms of their child be safe and secure.
  4. The Pre-School also appoints female staff after they have done a comprehensive background check.
  5. They also provide first aid kit and emergency medication in case there are any mishaps.

EuroKids also provides a 360-degree engagement and learning process

The 360-degree engagement process ensures that EuroKids becomes a second home for your child. The process includes:

  1. The teachers help children to communicate with other children of their age so that they can get more comfortable.
  2. They also help them in developing and building children’s brain power.
  3. They also encourage children to make new friends in order to develop their social skills.
  4. The school also teaches every child to give more importance to living a healthy life by having a healthy body.
  5. Lastly, the school and its teachers help every child by helping them develop lasting life skills and nurture creativity in them.

EuroKids has provided its students with next-generation innovations

  1. The school has introduced a new-age mindful curriculum called EUNOIA which has been derived from their main ideology “Child First.” This specific program has been built on three pillars Mindful, spaced and blended for holistic development in kids. They provide the perfect mix of activities, games and fun based learning methodologies this building a strong foundation for the children to grow.
  2. The school also provides a “Buddy mobile app” so that the parents are connected with the school and their children.
  3. They also provide interactive fitness programs and music based learning programs such as EuroFit, YogaKids and EuroMusic.

What are the benefits of owning a EuroKids Franchise?

EuroKids “Franchise in a box” concept provides numerous advantages to make your franchise venture a great success.

  • EuroKids is a well-known international brand which has over 1000+ schools in over 250 cities across India, Nepal and Bangladesh. The trust parents have on this school gives the franchise owners an added advantage.
  • The franchise owners also receive extensive training programs so that they have knowledge about the business strategies of owning and operating a successful pre-school.
  • The franchise’s and its employees will receive initial and regular training on the EuroKids Curriculum and how it is supposed to be delivered to the children.
  • The school also provides a dedicated support team to each of its franchises which helps them in finding the right location for the school to marketing for leads. Basically, they help their franchises with all operational needs and ensures that all their queries are solved effectively.
  • They also provide the franchise owners with a business management system which helps them to track day to day operations and business performance.

What are the requirements needed to set up a EuroKids Franchise?

Area required

The area required for setting up a EuroKids franchise centre is a minimum of 2000 Sq.ft on the ground floor with an open outdoor area for the kids to play.

Skills or experience

  • The people employed should be passionate to work with children.
  • The franchise owner should possess entrepreneurial qualities along with a strong urge for success.
  • The owner should be able to devote his/her entire time in day-to-day operations of the school.
  • The owner and its employees should finish the comprehensive training course so that they become proficient in all aspects of running a EuroKids pre-school.
  • Should be committed and dedicated to the cause of providing quality education to the children.

Regions of operations

EuroKids have their centres in over 311 cities and towns across the country. Few of them are Delhi, Mumbai, Haryana, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Assam, Mizoram, Gujarat and many more.

Training required

  • The franchise will undergo comprehensive training in their city or town.
  • They will also receive expert guidance from the head office once the franchise is open.
  • The franchise will also receive a EuroKids ambience manual so that they can design their unit as per the aesthetics of the head office.
  • The main school will provide its franchises will also kinds of school equipment starting from curriculum to welcome and readiness kits to daily teacher plans for programs to toys to books to curriculum CDs and other essentials.
  • The franchise is also entitled to a dedicated operations team who will be just a call away to resolve any queries the unit has.

Minimum Staff requirement

  • The minimum staff requirement depends upon the number of students that are enrolled in the franchise unit. The ratio the main school requires you to maintain is 1:10.
  • For eg., if you have 42 students, you will need 4 teachers, 2 maids, 1 centre head and 1 security guard.

How much does it cost to start a Euro Kids Franchise in India?

The initial investment required to start a EuroKids franchise is Rs.15,00,000 – Rs.20,00,000. The cost includes start-up franchise fees, ambience and equipment cost for the school.

Franchise agreement tenure

The franchise agreement is signed for a period of 5 years and can be renewed again. You can get your entire investment back along with interest with a moratorium period of 3 months.

Profitability explained through a hypothetical example

Total investment cost for a pre-school franchise = Rs.15,00,000

Expenses incurred in a month

  • Rent paid for a 2000 Sq.ft of area for the school = Rs.2,00,000
  • Salaries paid to 8 employees (Rs.10,000*8) = Rs.80,000
  • Miscellaneous expenses = Rs.20,000

Total expenses incurred for a month = Rs.3,00,000

Income earned in a month

  • Average number of children enrolled in the school in a month = 50 students
  • Average fees a single student paid = Rs.15,000

Total income earned in a month (Rs.15,000*50) = Rs.7,50,000

Gross profit earned for the month

Gross profit earned (50% of Rs.7,50,000) = Rs.3,75,000

Total profit earned in a month

Total profit (Rs.3,75,000 – Rs.3,00,000) = Rs.75,000

You can get back your entire investment amount within 18-20 months.


EuroKids are built on one main ideology “Child First”. Keeping this in mind the school has designed programs that provide children with the right stimulant according to their age-integrated with other fun activities and games to ensure the child’s complete holistic and overall development.

All the above details mentioned in the article only points to one aspect, EuroKids is one of the best and leading pre-schools across the country and even internationally. With the number of awards, the school has won it has received a strong brand recognition which has made this school trustworthy and safe for children where they can learn and grown in a home-like an environment under proper and professional guidance.

To know more about how you can become a franchise owner, click here.

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