How To Start A Cream Stone Franchise in India?

What’s better than eating delicious ice-cream you ask? It’s watching it being made! Cream Stone makes ice-creams from scratch right in front of your eyes. Cream Stone is the perfect place to chill for ice-cream lovers where you can see your dessert being mixed and beaten on a frozen cold stone. It’s the king of ice-cream.  

They add the flavours in right proportions and you can see the amazing texture of it which makes your mouth water. Their ice-creams are completely eggless and they have 95% sugar free ice-creams for you to cheat on your diet without feeling completely guilty about it. Ice-cream is a loved dessert by everyone in the world and Cream Stone is adding another element to the ice-cream eating experience.

Just when you thought that you had tasted every flavour and lived every moment of eating the globally loved treat. ‘Willy Wonka’ and ‘Nuts Overload’ are a must-have. ‘Candy Lane’ is a kid’s special and ‘Fruit Exotica’ is one of their bestsellers.

cream stone franchise

The flavours are outstanding and can make anyone drool if they look at the ice-cream being made on the frozen cold stone which is a huge thing because in traditional ice-cream parlours, one doesn’t get the opportunity to see such ice-cream making process and as simple as it looks, there is something quite fascinating about seeing those flavours mix in and make the perfect ice-cream.

Cream Stone, known for it’s unique concept, is the perfect answer to your ice-cream cravings. It gives you a wide-variety of flavours from fresh fruit to fusions. The love one has for ice-creams is a never ending one, it’s been around since many years and regardless whatever age group or place one belongs to, everyone loves ice-cream.

The act of just sitting back and watching your ice-cream being made tempts you more and makes the experience so much more enjoyable. Cream Stone has proved that having ice-cream is not just going to an ice-cream parlour and having a scoop or two slapped on the cone, it can be much more special than that even before having the first bite of it; Cream Stone provides their customers with that kind of a special treatment.

The brand also makes its own waffle bowls and cones to go along with their luscious ice-creams and they’re really proud of it. Those waffle bowls are just a cherry on the top of an already delicious cake (or shall I say ice-cream!) If you’re a person who likes experimenting with flavours and have things customized accordingly then Cream Stone will be heaven for you.

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History of Cream Stone

Viren Shah is the owner of Cream Stone. His father started an ice-cream business called Scoops in 1989 for his hotel and catering purposes. Scoops served a 100% vegetarian ice-cream. The ice-cream business received an excellent response from consumers and the demand for Scoops ice-cream began to increase. They established parlours in major 5-star hotels, malls, tourist places and expanded their brand in many places with 5000+ outlets, 36 distributors and 2 production units. Scoops have successfully covered the states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka.

The idea for Cream Stone was generated from the need to provide customized ice-creams according to the preferences of the customer. Cream Stone was then launched in Hyderabad in the year 2009. They have 56 outlets across India with 13 outlets being in Bangalore alone. Viren is not new to the ice-cream business with being involved in Scoops and Temptations, another ice-cream manufacturing company started by his family. His expertise has helped the company to great lengths. Viren has always seen his father as his inspiration and he believes that he has learnt the value of money from his father.

Cream Stone’s USP

Cream Stone provides something to their customers that no other ice-cream brand offers, and that is having their dessert being made from scratch right in front of their eyes. This makes people tempt and go for seconds.

So as you lay back in the calm and comforting atmosphere of a Cream Stone outlet, you can also watch your ice-cream while it’s being mixed and beaten to blend in the flavours and ingredients of your own choice.

They provide with a large variety of flavours to choose from including diet to season specials and even frozen sundaes, thick shakes and ice-cream cakes. There’s nobody who would be able to resist these high-quality premium ice-creams.

Their luxurious atmosphere, a never-ending list of flavours to choose from and their dedication in making Cream Stone the best in terms of it’s products and customer service is wonderful.

Benefits of owning a Cream Stone Franchise

Constant Support

The Cream Stone family assures you that they always have your back. They conduct surveys to study the consumer intensity, store’s potential and the intensity of competition in order to ensure the best chances of succeeding and growing the company. They will also provide support in hiring the right vendor for knowing the sales system points to have better knowledge of the strength or weakness of the franchise.

Reputable Company

Cream Stone is a big name in the ice-cream industry and tying up with them brings in a lot of credibility and attracts consumers. People never get tired of ice-creams, and with Cream Stone gaining popularity due it’s ice-cream making process and variety of flavours, it is a very prestigious opportunity for any person to partner up with their company.

Assured Success

Cream Stone’s getting popular everywhere, and so, it is assured that the franchisee will gain success and learn a lot with and from the company. Consumers are excited to visit their outlets, not just to indulge in those amazing ice-creams or shakes, but also to see how their dessert is being made.

Opportunity to enhance one’s own growth

Franchisees will gain endless learning about how to run a business and what measures should be taken to make a business successful. Joining hands with Cream Stone will definitely provide you with the knowledge and experience you need in order to enhance your growth.

What are the requirements to start a Cream Stone Franchise?


Minimum area requirement for a Cream Stone outlet would be 30 square feet because the kitchen equipments and frozen cold stone take up space and in addition to this, in order to provide the customer with a calm atmosphere, this is the minimum area required.

Experience or Skills

The person should have basic business knowledge. Experience or understanding of the Food and Beverage industry is not necessarily required.

Regions of operation

Cream Stone does not provide franchises in Hyderabad as they already have many locations there. They have expanded their company in Bangalore, Mangalore, Chennai, Warangal, Nasik, Raipur, Ahmed Nagar, Pune, Chandrapur, Manipal, Mysore, Goa, Kolapur, Indore, Pondichery, Mumbai, Thane, Sangli, Belgaon, Aurangabad, Surat, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Kochi, Tirupathi, Bhuvaneshwar, Ooty, Hubli, Mahabaleshwar, Erode, Madhurai, Vellore, Selam.

They also look forward to expanding in Bhopal, Nagpur, Kakinada and many more


They provide manuals regarding operating systems that should be strictly followed. They provide practical knowledge in order to deliver a great customer experience. They provide onsite training for staff members so that it results in effective performance. Audits and reviews are held regularly in order to find out the loopholes and fix them accordingly to deliver the best to their customers. They provide assistance in ordering the key equipments sourcing only from approved vendors.

Staff Requirements

Smaller areas require 3-4 staff members. They will be trained onsite to provide the best customer service. Bigger areas require more manpower. They should know how to talk and behave with a customer and let them know the season’s specials while they decide from the menu.

How much does a Cream Stone Franchise Cost?

Total Investment required to start a Cream Stone Franchise

A total investment of 30-50 Lakhs INR is required depending on the area. A monthly royalty fee based on retail store and outdoor catering side has to be given to the company along with a monthly marketing fee that is used for branding and advertising the franchise according to the percentage of net sales has to be given to the company. The franchise owner is responsible for marketing the brand on a local level.

The franchise fee is a one-time payment fee. The initial franchise fee includes cost of supply chain management, approving the location and training of the management. A renewable fee shall be applicable based on the audit reports.

Years of Bond and Profitability

The franchising term is for five years. There is assured financial growth in joining hands with Cream Stone as they really push through the boundaries of traditional ice-cream and make it more enjoyable to their customers.

Franchise Terms and Conditions from the company

-They are looking for highly motivated entrepreneurs who have a sincere commitment.

-Have the store as a full-time business.

– They don’t look forward to join hands with people who want to run the store with partnerships or joint ventures.

-They do not want a franchisee who is not in the same city as the one where they plan on franchising Cream Stone and give someone else the responsibility to manage the store.

-They want a person who has the capital and the passion to create brand presence in the market.

-Cream Stone believes that the Food and Beverage industry requires a lot of attention and hence they need franchisees that are willing to give that level of commitment.


Cream Stone provides their customers with a wide range of flavours to choose from and make it right in front of their eyes on a frozen cold stone, mixing the flavours in the exact proportion to satisfy the customer’s taste buds. They have high quality premium ice-creams and customer’s preference is their biggest priority. It is the best ice-cream brand with flavours that are sure to make you drool.

Viren Shah’s father began an ice-cream manufacturing industry called ‘Scoops’ for his catering and hotel business. The business took off and the orders started pouring in one people had tasted their ice-cream.

The company did really well and Scoops had been established in major five-star hotels, malls, tourist places as well as having 5000+ outlets all over. His family started another company called Temptations that also went onto become a successful and well-loved ice-cream brand.

The only market that they had not covered was making customized ice-cream based on the taste and flavour choices of the customer and so this idea was made into reality when Cream Stone got launched in Hyderabad in 2009. Viren’s inspiration for handling this business was his father who also taught him the value of money.

Cream Stone’s desserts are simply irresistible and something really unique about them is their ice-cream making process that happens right in front of the customers minutes before handing them their customized ice-cream.

Some benefits of owning a Cream Stone franchise would be the constant support and assured growth along with a high level of training to the managing staff for effective results in customer experience.

The minimum area requirement is upto 300 square feet along with basic business understanding, not necessarily specialized in the Food and Beverage industry. They look forward to expanding in regions like Bhopal, Nagpur, etc for higher brand awareness and for people to reach Cream Stone no matter where they reside.

They provide operating system manuals that need to be precisely followed. Audits and reviews are held regularly to find the loopholes and strengths of the franchise so that it can be improved.

An investment of 30-50 Lakhs INR is required along with a one-time franchise fee and an initial fee for the cost of approving location, supply chain management and training of the staff members. Monthly royalty fee and marketing fee also needs to be paid based on the percentage of net sales and the franchise owner is responsible for marketing of the brand on a local level. The franchise term is for five years.

They want a person who has the passion and is ready to commit to the brand and take it as a full-time business. Cream Stone doesn’t want a franchisee under partnerships or joint ventures of any kind. One vital point is that they will only consider franchising if the person resides in the same city as their store because they will not provide franchising rights if the person lives in another city and gives the responsibility to someone else.

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