How To Start A Mio Amore Franchise In India? – ‘Dearest’ Dessert Brand of all

Mio Amore is the perfect destination for consumers who are looking for sweet delicacies or savoured goods to treat themselves with. They serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Their Cream Rolls and Chicken 65 Rolls are a must try.

Mio Amore is the perfect bakery store for anyone who wants to have flavoursome savouries and sweets within budget. Now finally, one can eat to their heart’s content without stressing yourself out about the money and wondering why you left your credit card at home which happens to the best of us.

But with Mio Amore, there’s no such thing to worry about; ofcourse their food isn’t free because that would be too good to be true but they do serve some delicious desserts and the prices are very reasonable. People often come here for lunch or breakfast with their family and friends and leave with a happy heart and wallet.

It is not often that we see reasonable food prices because a lot of restaurants may leave your stomachs full but your wallets will be empty, so when a restaurant serves some truly delicious meals with a good price range, consumers are bound to be attracted to the brand.

Many see it as one of the best bakeries and it has become a second home for foodies. They give you a wide range of options to choose from in vegetarian and non-vegetarian starters that are amazing in taste.

If you’re bored of the same old restaurants that charge a bomb for a small handful of meal then walk into Mio Amore and get ready to be amazed. Their staff is on their toes and are really helpful and pleasant. Their freshly served food and ambience are some of the most talked about components of Mio Amore. It is the ideal place for even a quick snack like chicken sandwiches or a buffet too.

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Mio Amore’s History

Mio Amore came into the picture when Switz Foods Pvt Ltd. (SPFL) went onto re-brand their company. Previously, Switz Foods used to retail their cakes under Monginis as it was a well-known brand for cakes and pastries and highly trusted as well. Apart from cakes, they used to make and sell cookies and cupcakes too.

Events took a turn for the worse when certain members of the Khorakiwala family, who owned the Monginis brand, were displeased with the business strategy adapted by Switz Foods. Switz Foods had begun to market and develop their own brand named Winky’s that sold packaged cakes which was not acceptable for the Khorakiwala family. In addition to this, they started manufacturing goods to brands like Brittania and ITC which eventually lead to an end of the brand-sharing agreement between Switz Foods and Monginis on 1st May, 2015.

An out-of-court settlement was made between Khorakiwala family and Switz Foods. They came to a mutual agreement wherein Switz Foods would stop using their brand name to sell their cakes and Monginis would not sell in West Bengal and the North East.

After this settlement, Monginis disappeared from shops in West Bengal and the North East from more than 200 shops. The franchise stores then came out with a new brand ‘Mio Amour’ which is Italian for ‘My dearest’ along with a new brand logo, newly designed stores and practically everything new from scratch. Mr. Arnab Basu, director of Switz Food Pvt Ltd, said that the re-branding cost them under 1 crore but it was a very dramatic event according to him.

Mio Amore’s Unique Selling Point

The most amazing feature about Mio Amore that attracts heaps of customers is their price points. Where else will you get such good food as such low prices? Mio Amore is completely pocket-friendly which also attracts a lot of college students to their stores. “Our unique selling proposition is our value for money and we want to keep it that way”, says Mr. Basu. Mio Amore is a big savior for students and people who like to eat tasty food but on a budget. So, if your pocket is feeling a little lighter than usual but you still crave those tasty chocolate pastries or cheese rolls then Mio Amore is the place for you.

Their restaurants have a great ambiance and the staff members are always on their toes to cater to the needs of the customers and help them to have a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Benefits of owning a Mio Amore’s franchise

Low prices

A major plus point about Mio Amore’s stores is that they have pocket-friendly price points. You can get a burger for ₹50 or even get to eat appetizing muffins for just ₹35. You won’t find such tasty food at any other store other than Mio Amore. This is one of the biggest reasons that consumers are attracted to their stores because many food service restaurants claim to serve delicious food but their prices are too high. Mio Amore is great for an everyday snack.

Largest Pastry Shop

Mio Amore is becoming the largest pastry shop in India, becoming known for it’s sweet and savory dishes. The major benefit of this is that Mio Amore is attracting a lot of foot-traffic. They are becoming known more and more through word of mouth and everyone wants to try their desserts and since it is not expensive too, it is a win-win situation for consumers.

Reliable quality

The quality of their food products is completely reliable and hence one complaint that the franchisees will never get to hear is that their food is not fresh. They serve freshly baked goods which is a priority because happy customers eventually bring in other customers.


They provide support to their franchisees in terms of business and it’s smooth functioning. They help you to understand how to run a successful franchise which helps you to grow.

Requirements To Start A Mio Amore Franchise


The minimum area requirement for a Mio Amore franchise is 250 square feet carpet area. The frontage area should be atleast 10 feet long. It is also preferable if the store location is on a main street.

Experience and skills

The franchisee is required to have fundamental knowledge about business and running a franchise.

Regions of operation

Mio Amore is currently looking forward to opening more franchise stores in Kolkata and Howrah and the suburbs. They have more than 30 franchise locations in Kolkata.


They provide training in market and strategy operations. They also provide detailed manuals in order to understand the company’s aim.

Staff requirement

A small store of around 200-250 square feet would require two to three staff members.

How Much Does A Mio Amore Franchise Cost


The total investment required is approximately 11 Lakhs INR.

– The advance deposit costs around 2 Lakhs.

– The security deposit is of 5 Lakhs

– The interior design expenses cost 4 Lakhs INR.

Years of bond and Profitability

The term of the franchise agreement is for five years which is renewable if necessary. The renewable process is discussed in detail with the franchisee. The company is known for their baked goods and low price points and serve great opportunity to the franchisee to grow in terms of business and management. They have a standard agreement franchise.


Mio Amore is seen as the no. 1 bakery brand. They are mostly located in Kolkata and are looking forward to expanding their regions in West Bengal in and near Howrah. They serve delicious cupcakes, muffins, rolls and patties that are available in vegetarian and non-vegetarian as well.

They are well-loved in West Bengal and are known for serving freshly baked goods. Their unique selling point is their menu prices that are unbelievably good for food of such high quality and good taste.

They keep their customers happy and their staff is well-trained in helping the customer and giving them the best experience. Price value is very important to Mr. Basu, the director of Switz Foods and that is why they serve at low price points.

This attracts a lot of customers and when one needs a quick snack in their break without spending too much money to satisfy one’s taste buds, they can always walk in to Mio Amore which has a very calm and welcoming atmosphere.

The shelves that were emptied by Monginis in many stores in the West Bengal came back to life when Mio Amore came in the picture. This was due to an out- of- court settlement between Khorakiwala family who owned Monginis and Switz Foods.

Certain members of the family did not like the fact that SFPL were marketing their own brand known as Winky’s while retailing their cakes under the brand name of Monginis. The growing competition between Winky’s and Monginis was not well appreciated by Khorakiwala family.

They also did not like that Switz Foods were manufacturing goods for ITC and Brittania that were rival companies. So, in an agreement, it was decided that SFPL would stop using Monginis’ brand name to sell their cakes and in return, Monginis would stop selling in West Bengal and North East. More than 200 stores were emptied by Monginis and then came the idea of a re-branding exercise along with a new name, company and interiors.

Some benefits of owning a Mio Amore franchise is that it attracts a lot of foot traffic due to their reputation of selling the best, freshly baked goods and having low price points as well. The investment costs a total of 11 Lakhs INR which includes interior designing, security deposit and advance deposit.

The franchise term is for five years and it is renewable. The franchisee is required to have fundamental business knowledge and be really passionate about helping the brand succeed which would be profitable for both the parties- the company and the franchisee. They are mostly looking forward to opening up more store locations in Kolkata and Howrah.

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