How To Start A Thick Shake Factory Franchise In India – Shake it till we make it!

The Thick Shake Factory has changed the game completely in the beverage industry and caught a lot of attention by introducing India’s first premium thick shakes.

You haven’t really tasted milkshake if you haven’t tried Thick Shake Factory’s delicious shakes that will have you slurping and sipping in no time. They promise to provide you awesomeness with their shakes.

The Thick Shake factory will come to your rescue when you’re having one of those tough or dull days with a variety of flavours to choose from that will have you smiling from ear to ear once you’ve had a sip.

The Thick Shake Factory has increased the level of competition for other milkshake companies as they really put forth a lot on the table in terms of flavour combinations and toppings. They’ve proved that there’s no better milkshake than a ‘thick shake’ and have really revolutionized the way people look at milkshakes.

‘A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’, they say and that cannot be more true when it comes to sipping on thick shakes that not only satisfy your cravings for a tasty treat but also fill your stomach.

They only serve milkshakes and have taken a big risk as having a one-product business is a big no-no according to many businessmen. But the founders of Thick Shake Factory were passionate enough and believed that their thick shakes will attract a lot of customers to their outlets and that’s exactly what happened.

Their new concept of serving a truly premium thick shake was loved by one and all and once people started knowing about it through word of mouth, their popularity increased and more people started coming in to try their shakes. People who love trying different flavours and like having customized food and beverages, Thick Shake Factory is your one and only destination.

Thick Shake Factory’s History

The story of how the Thick Shake Factory came into existence is quite an interesting one. It includes months of research and planning by two brothers – Yeshwanth Nag and Ashwin Nag. Both the brothers had studied engineering which might come as a surprise to you but their dream of changing the way people perceive milkshakes has brought them where they are. They’ve climbed many ladders to bring Thick Shake Factory on top of the game through sheer hardwork and passion.

It all began when Yeshwanth Nag went to Europe for his studies. While exploring the streets of Belgium, he stumbled upon a milkshake store and while he was not someone who was fond of sweet treats, he decided to give it a try.

Who would’ve known that trying that one milkshake would ignite his passion for opening up a milkshake company and introducing something new in to the market. He felt that the milkshakes here were completely different than the ones he had tasted in his homeland, India.

And knowing that India is a land that’s proud of it’s sweets and delicacies, he wanted to introduce such different shakes that would blow away people’s minds in the same way that he experienced.

Yeshwanth saw the opportunity of starting a business by selling high quality, premium milkshakes. However, he kept the idea on hold and didn’t turn his thoughts into actions. He continued working for Tata Consultancy Services and kept on thinking about his milkshake idea.

He always stayed updated about who’s doing what in the milkshake industry and if anyone has taken upon the same idea that he has, but fortunately for him, no one was running their business similar to what Yeshwanth had visioned.

He got an opportunity from Tata to move to US for two years for business but his heart kept on  telling him that someone will definitely pick up the business if they had a similar idea. So, rejecting on this business opportunity and quitting his job, Yeswanth and Ashwin began researching about getting into retail and started to work upon the magic that brought Thick Shake’s to life.

They researched upon the restaurant business for months along with a lot of trial and error in their recipes but they finally got it right. They launched in December of 2013 in Telangana, Hyderabad and on the first day itself, their sales were ₹30,000.

Yeshwanth decided to not be too excited too soon as he felt that because of their family’s and relative’s support, they’ve been able to gain such a profit in the first day itself. But thanks to Yeshwanth and Ashwin’s constant hardwork, the company was doing ₹25,000-30,000 in sales every week for two months straight. After two months, they began to scale their business.

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Thick Shake Factory’s USP

A competitive advantage that Thick Shake Factory has is that they sell premium thick shakes to their customer which has not been exposed to Indian consumers before.

They let you choose your flavour, the combinations and the extra toppings or premium toppings that you may like. Their milkshakes are a bomb filled with flavour and love to satisfy your appetite and have you leave the place with a smile.

Consumers are getting attracted towards customized products and the Food and Beverage industry is taking the same route to satisfy their customers; with Thick Shake Factory being the first to do so in the milkshake industry, they do have a big advantage over all the other ones.

People are absolutely loving their shakes and even though the company is based on a one-product sell, they are doing amazingly well and talks about their premium thick shakes are spreading like wild fire.

Benefits of owning a Thick Shake Factory’s franchise

First thick shake brand in India

As we all know, Thick Shake Factory is the first of it’s kind to sell high quality premium shakes to their customers. The idea of customized products is really hyped in today’s time and so, taking advantage of this, Thick Shake Factory serves some delicious shakes that will have you wanting more.


Because of this new and fresh concept of selling premium shakes, Thick Shake Factory has gotten very popular among the masses. Just the idea of choosing and having your flavours mixed is exhilarating. It makes you want to try the shake atleast once.

Keen on Scaling

The Thick Shake Factory is looking forward to expand more and are very keen upon scaling the business in every part of the country. This comes as a huge benefit to the franchisee especially if they don’t have an outlet in your local city.


It is an excellent opportunity to put your business and restaurant service skills to test and grow along with the company. The product is great and widely loved by all, all that’s needed is great execution to make the company even more successful than it is at present.

Requirements To Start A Thick Shake Factory Franchise In India


The area requirement for a Thick Shake Factory’s outlet is 200-1,000 square feet. A preferable component for the outlet would be that the location is set in a mall or on a high street so that it attracts more customers, however, that is not necessary.

Experience or skills

As the company is growing, a person with a business understanding would be more suitable. It is not necessary for the franchisee to have knowledge about the Food and Beverage industry.

Regions of operation

Thick Shake Factory plans to open 500 stores in the next three years which can be a great opportunity for any person looking towards opening a franchise. For the past four years, they’ve been constantly growing and scaling the company. They are currently in America and India and have a 100+ outlets in 26 cities, combined from both the countries.

They are currently in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and are looking forward to scaling more in India in places like Delhi, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Uttaranchal, Chandigarh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Goa, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Kerala, Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Nagaland, West Bengal, Sikkim.


Operating manuals will be provided to franchisees to get a closer look at the company’s work and it’s aims. They provide field assistance to the franchisees and their training programs are held in the head office. Expert guidance is provided in running the franchise smoothly.

Staff requirements

Minimum two to three staff members are required if the area is anywhere between 200-250 square feet. An area larger than that would require more number of staff members

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Thick Shake Factory Franchise In India?


An investment of 20-30 Lakhs INR is required. The franchise fee is about 5-7 Lakhs INR depending upon the unit area. The royalty fee is 8% of the net sales. The brand fee would cost around 8 Lakhs.

Years of Bond and Profitability

The term of the franchise is of 5 years which brings in a long-term opportunity to grow with the company. It is known as the fastest growing QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) chain and has won many awards like ‘Franchisor of the year’ and ‘Food and Beverage brand of the year’. They have a standard franchise agreement and the term is renewable.

Franchise Terms and Conditions

-A dedicated individual who can spend some time at the store to look after things.

-Someone who is as excited to grow as the company is.

-An individual who will attend training programs.


Thick Shake Factory is India’s first premium milkshake brand that provides its customers with a broad spectrum of flavours to choose from. Right from the first layer of mix in till the toppings, they give you a lot of yummy options that will make you drool.

Two brothers with an engineering background set upon a journey to open India’s No. 1 milkshake – or rather, thick shake brand. Yeshwanath Nag went to Belgium on a student exchange program and ended up discovering his passion for opening a milkshake brand when he sipped on a milkshake from a store he found randomly.

It might sound ironic that a man who didn’t really have a sweet tooth would go on to pursue such a business but it happened when both the brothers – Ashwin Nag and Yeshwanath Nag buckled up to do some research upon business and milkshakes. They opened up their first store in Hyderabad in December, 2013 and they were climbing the ladder of success by having  ₹30,000 INR in sales on the first day itself.

Their unique selling proposition is that they serve premium milkshakes to consumers. Their rainbow sprinkle topping and Hazelnut flavour are some of the most famous items on the menu.

Some benefits of owning the franchise is the popularity of the brand and their fresh concept of selling high quality thick shakes which is attracting a lot of foot traffic. They also provide home delivery in most places.

The area requirement is 200-1,000 square feet. The potential franchisee should have basic business understanding and the area location would be more preferable if it is in a mall or on a high street.

The total investment required is 20-30 Lakhs INR along with 8% royalty/commission fee on net sales.

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