How To Start A Keventers Franchise In India? – One can never have too much..

The milkshake industry in India has become wildly popular among all ages, all thanks to Keventers. Keventers was a 92-year-old brand name that paved its way into the dairy industry and won hearts of many as the go-to milkshake brand. Keventers appealed to the new age customers and how! It made it’s mark by achieving an overwhelming response from consumers.

The brand is known for their quality milkshakes of different flavours that are not just great in taste, but the little glass bottles, that hold such a prestigious brand name, are very appealing to the eyes as well! These mouth-watering milkshakes are sure to secure a place in the heart of every foodie and milkshake-lover.

Keventer’s History

Keventers was founded by a citizen of Sweden, Edward Keventer. He stepped foot in India in the year 1899 and was an entrepreneur by profession. Edward Keventer began his journey  in India by taking over the Aligarh Dairy in Uttar Pradesh (then known as United Provinces). With his business becoming profitable, he expanded his business in Shimla, Kolkata and Darjeeling.

Edward’s line of dairy products became trustable and well-known among everyone along with making the Cassata ice-cream a favourite treat among Indians. Edward’s nephew, Werner Keventer, came to India to join his uncle’s business soon after it proved to be a huge success. After Edward passed away in 1937, the company was taken care of by Werner. Werner’s death occurred in the 1940’s which lead to the company being sold to one of the distributors of Keventers, Mr. R.K. Dalmia.

Keventers began supplying milk to the Indian Army in the late 1960’s. The government acquired the land of Keventers of twenty-two acres which was based in Chanakyapuri, Delhi for the diplomatic enclaves. Contrary to popular  belief, it did not lead to the dissolution of the brand as there were a handful of outlets of Keventers still up and running. But after the land was taken away, Mr. R.K. Dalmia lost interest in the company.

With a firm vision in mind, Agastya Dalmia, grandson of Mr. R.K. Dalmia, teamed up with Aman Arora and Sohrab Sitaram and decided to continue Mr. R.K. Dalmia’s legacy and change the brand image completely while maintaining the good-quality reputation.

Keventer’s USP

The company’s unique selling proposition is serving ‘The Original Milkshake’ in retro bottles. The customers can have the bottles used in whichever way they desire after sipping on some delicious Keventers milkshake. A very different approach that helps consumers to remember the brand, as if the delicious and a wide range of flavours were not enough to have you hooked. The old world charm definitely struck a chord in the hearts of many people from all around as they kept the vintage feel alive which was appealing to all – young and old folks.

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Benefits of owning a Keventer’s franchise

Keeping up with the needs

Keventers research team are always on their toes when there’s a new trend in the market. It is their priority to provide their customers with what they want and keep coming up with unconventional and desirable products. Their research and development team leaves no stone unturned when it comes to serving their customers with the best flavour and best quality milkshake.

On the move!

Keventers provides with a fast-paced service with every shake being dispensed within a minute’s time which makes the customer leave the store with a smile on their face and a Keventers milkshake in their hand. They do this by using high-tech tools and equipments.

A skillful bunch

Keventers have proved to be a great team who bring their best to be able to provide the best to the consumer. They are highly skillful and competent. They work smoothly and have a team of highly professional individuals.

An old legacy with new flavours

Keventers has proved to be a highly credible company with serving the best to their customers. An age old legacy revived and proved to be successful once again! Their retro bottles give you a nostalgic feel while their wide variety of flavours really break through the traditional milkshake recipes that have been very common all over.

Brand awareness 

Keventers is a very popular brand in the world of milkshake industries and not only is it known by the youth of today, but also known to elderly people.

Huge growth

Keventers  revenue is of $4.4M. Franchising charges are 9 Lakh INR which can be paid in 3 years. The company is growing huge in sales every year and they have associated the word ‘milkshake’ with ‘Keventers’. There is no better opportunity for an individual to help grow and grow along with the company as a franchisee.

What are the Requirements to start a Keventers Franchise In India?

keventers franchise


The minimum area requirement for a Keventers outlet is  100-150 square feet. However, if there is a bigger space, it can be used for seating for the customers so that it is more convenient for a hangout place among a young group of friends or even adults.

Experience or skills

Potential franchisees of Keventers are required  to have knowledge about the local market in order to run the outlet smoothly along with a basic business understanding. Keventers are also looking out for a franchisee that has prior experience in the food industry, however that is not necessary.

Regions of operation

Keventers currently has 300+ outlets all over and they’re expanding globally and look forward to spreading the brand in the Middle East as well. Keventers went global in the year 2017 by setting up their outlets in Dubai. UAE was their first international destination. They are present in more than 40 cities in India. Keventers franchise has not been setup yet in Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Tripura and Mizoram. The brand has potential to expand more in Goa, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand and Bihar as these states have a few number of outlets.


The customer-facing staff need to have good interaction skills and know what to suggest to the customer. Consumer interaction is highly important as it helps the customer to have a more pleasant experience while purchasing the milkshakes. The staff need to have an idea about the history and should know the ingredients gone into making those delicious shakes.

Staff Requirements

The minimum staff requirement within the store is atleast two to three employees for smooth functioning of handling the finance, hearing the customer’s orders and handing out the milkshakes accordingly.

How Much Does A Keventers Franchise Cost?


A total investment of 25 to 30 Lakhs INR is required with the expected breakeven within the first twelve months itself.

-Franchising charges are 9 Lakhs INR which can be paid in instalments in the period of 3 years

-Collateral and signage would cost around 1 Lakh INR.

-The contractor fee will be an estimated amount of 7-7.5 Lakhs INR.

-A security deposit of 1 Lakh INR which is refundable.

-Equipments required to make the delicious milkshakes would cost around 7.5 Lakhs INR.

– The pre-operating costs, that is, the formation of the firm and one-time marketing expenses will go upto an estimated amount of 3 Lakhs.

Years of Bond and Profitability

With the franchise license being valid for five years, there’s an assurity of growth in the bond as well as expected financial growth. It is a profitable business with a market size of 1,500 Crore INR in milkshakes and flavoured milk with the annual growth rate of 25%. There is a high opportunity of growth with the financial business booming up and Keventers milkshakes becoming a go-to hangout place to satisfy your taste buds.


Keventers has broadened the need of consumers for delicious retro-styled milkshakes. A 100-year-old brand revived by Agastya Dalmia along with Aman Arora and Sohrab Sitaram. These three men embarked upon a journey to make Keventers a global brand and share the taste of happiness everywhere. Despite being in such a competitive space, Keventers is definitely one of the most loved and well-trusted brands across the globe.

Keventers USP is selling ‘The Original Milshake’ – with flavours like no other and a brand known for it’s quality since the 1920’s. Their brand awareness is remarkable due to their taste and brand image among consumers which gives them a great advantage in marketing.

Some benefits of owning a Keventers franchise would be that their Research and Development team are always on the lookout for new trends attracting the consumers and getting their brand to provide the best to them which is why it won’t be such a big task to attract customers.

Requirements for area would be a 100-150 square feet and the potential franchisee should have  knowledge about the local market with basic business understanding.

An investment of around 25-30 Lakhs INR is required for equipments, signage, contractor fee, security deposit, etc.

Keventers have proved their competency by having many successful partnerships and associations with local businessmen. With the investment, Keventers can prove to be very profitable for the franchisees as the global expansion and popularity are sure to bring in great success!

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