How To Start A Merwans Franchise In India? – King of Hearts for being the King of Food

Merwans – a house hold name that is known for their baked and confectionery goods. Everyone knows about Merwans and it is a go-to shop for consumers to have some tempting treats and savoury food.

Merwans has been around for the longest time in the food industry and really has their name plated in gold when it comes down to the question of who the king is in the food industry. They are very well-known and have a reputable business going on.

Their unique ambience and atmosphere helps one to be comfortable. An amazing key point that Merwans has is that their food prices are not very high and are good enough for an average spending consumer.

Their brand is well-known for serving fresh goods and has a wide-variety of menu options. They serve cupcakes, cookies, puff pastries, rolls, cakes, desserts and much more. Their puff pastries are very popular and the customers absolutely love their cupcakes.

Their pastries cost anywhere between ₹50 to ₹70 and the rolls and puffs cost between ₹15 to ₹30. The Merwans stores are a usual hangout place for many adults after work and even for college students for a quick bite. They serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food and are loved by many people because they serve fresh and delicious tasting good on low price points.

So, when it’s the middle of a month and you look down in your wallet to see not a lot of money to satisfy your appetite, just walk into Merwans and give yourself the treat you deserve. It is very often that we experience sudden food cravings but cannot do anything about it, but now you can; take Merwans as your food genie and fulfil the cravings of your heart.

One thing about Merwans – you can never get bored of it, you’ll either order one favourite dessert or savoured food every time you walk in there or you’ll keep on experimenting with a long list of options that are practically never-ending. Their cool and calm ambience really makes it feel like home which makes people come in more often with friends or even family.

Merwans’s History

Merwans only began as a family business in the year 1930 by Merwan Irani’s parents – Mr. K.M. Irani and Mrs. D.K. Irani.

Their freshly baked products became popular very soon but that was just the first step of success for this business that was going to create a legacy in years to come. In 1972, Merwans became a brand that was introduced by Merwan Irani in order to continue doing the work his parents did.

He was extremely passionate about this business and the vision he had for his brand was to make it a household name. He adopted latest technology to cut down on hand labour and started to create innovative recipes to extend the number of menu options and bring only the best to his customers.

As years passed by, Merwan became unbeatable in the food industry and was considered as one of the best. He paid attention to every minute detail about his recipes and his baking skills were invincible.

The third generation, Mr. M.K. Irani and Mrs. B.M. Irani worked wholeheartedly towards the company and included a lot of food options in the menu.

They helped to scale the business and take it to new heights. They dedicated themselves to the brand and their zeal really helped the brand to get where it is even today. The fourth and current generation of the family who is handling the business are three brothers who are looking after everything.

This trio has really proved to be amazing by having the same passion that their ancestors had when they started with nothing. Now, Merwans is a well-established and wildly popular brand. These brothers are doing everything to scale the brand and create a new benchmark.

Merwans’s Unique Selling Point

Merwans unique selling proposition is that they serve moist cakes, desserts and freshly baked goods at a very reasonable price.

They are widely loved because of their set price points. Merwans is sure to give you a unique experience with their food and store atmosphere. The ambience is excellent and very welcoming.

You can order quite a few items off the menu even when you have just 50-100 bucks to spend on food. It is very refreshing to see such good quality baked goods back in the market and within one’s budget!

It is sad to see some really tasty food with high prices in certain restaurants and brands but Merwans has got your back.

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Advantages of Owning a Merwans’s Franchise In India

Highly Reputed

Merwans is a brand with a really strong reputation and brand awareness. They’ve become a household name. It is the perfect hangout for youngsters, adults and elderly individuals as well. They are known for having attractive outlets, great tasting food and low prices.

Experience and knowledge

One very integral point about embarking upon a journey along with Merwans is that THEIR knowledge helps to grow YOUR knowledge. They lend full support and expertise in running the outlet and making sure that it is a successful one. One can never go wrong with Merwans by their side!

Good supply chain management

Merwans is always on point with their demand and supply. They make sure that they deliver smiles right on time to each one of their customers.

Management support

The management support that the franchisees get is incredibly amazing and helpful. They help to solve queries and problems if there are any and provide assistance to the franchisee.



The area requirement for a Merwans franchise is 650 square feet (carpet area). One of the things that the brand stands and is famous for is their welcoming and calm aura. So, the unit of area is a very important point because consumer’s comfort is one of the top priorities of Merwans.

Experience, knowledge and skills

The franchisee is required to have knowledge about running a business and the fundamentals of running a business in the food industry. Both of these things are interrelated but not the same.

Location availability

The outlets are in more than 15 places in Mumbai alone. They also have 35+ outlets in Pune and are currently looking forward to scaling their business more in Mumbai. The preferred location for opening an outlet would be Mumbai itself but it is not necessary.


They provide detailed operating manuals to the franchisees in order to understand and get familiar with how the brand functions and what are it’s aims in terms of customer service and management. They provide on-ground training to franchisees at the head office or at the franchise unit. This really helps the franchisee to gain in depth knowledge as to how to run a franchise successfully so that they can get effective results and put their training into practical execution.

Staff requirement

The number of staff members required in a 600 to 650 square feet area would be approximately around 6 to 7 staff members. If the unit area is more, then more staff would be required.

How Much Does It Cost to Start A Merwans Franchise In India?


The total investment required for the franchise opening would be approximately 30 to 50 Lakhs INR. The franchise fee is of 10 Lakhs INR. The probable ROI (Return on Investment) percentage is 30-40% and the breakeven period is expected to be 20-36 months. There’s no other additional investment required.

Years of Bond and Profitability

The franchise term is for five years. It is also renewable. They have a standard franchise agreement and really provide expertise and knowledge about the business and provide all kinds of resources to the best of their capabilities. They also provide field assistance to franchisees. An agreement with Merwans is assured success and growth in knowledge about the food industry and business.


Merwans is the no. 1 king of desserts and savoury dishes. Their food products are extremely tasty and the low food prices really are the cherry on top of the cake.

Their cakes and pastries are moist and fresh which make them irresistible. The brand has made its name as the best bakery brand and they leave no stone unturned when it comes to serving their customers with only the best.

Their brand is a 100-year-old brand, passed down to generation after generation with handing down knowledge about the business, the art of baking and innovative recipes. They have really made their mark in the food industry and have raised the level of competition for others. Merwans is one of the best brands to franchise as their work experience and success really speaks for them.

One can never get tired from enjoying the tasty treats that Merwans has to offer. They provide their customers with a large variety of options to choose from, it doesn’t matter if you’re in the mood to eat something sweet or savoury, Merwans has a long list of options ready for you and all within budget.

But one has to be careful, because with Merwans’ affordable price range, you and your wallet both will get fat! Now, nobody complains about having money in their pocket but one needs to be really careful to not indulge too much in those sweet and tasty treats!

Merwans’ unique quality is their low and affordable price range. Their food is so delicious that one might wonder how can it be so low priced but customer’s happiness is what Merwans has always stood for and proved as well.

Some of the many advantages of owning the franchise would be that they have good supply chain management and are highly reputable – being known for their good quality food products. They are well-established and hence highly trusted among consumers.

The area requirement is 650 square feet (carpet area), it is also preferred if it’s on a high street. The preferred location for opening an outlet would be in Mumbai. They provide operating manuals and training programs to the franchisees. The investment required is 30-50 Lakhs INR depending upon the unit area, The franchise fee is 10 Lakhs INR.

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    1. See the major expenses will be the rent, furniture, stock, employees payroll, and expenses incurred to run the place like electricity, internet, etc.

      The rent should be around 20,000 per month, the furniture should be around 200,000 – 300,000 one time fee, you will have to keep atleast stock worth 300,000, hire 3 employees of 20,000 average salary and lets say 30,000 additional expenses.

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