How to Start a Tea Time Franchise in India – Because Anytime Is Tea Time

India is one of the world’s largest tea producing countries. It is also one of the largest tea consuming countries. People of all age groups love to consume a cup of tea. For a few, it is more than a cup. It is an essential part of every household in India. One can find many tea lovers in a home.

Consuming tea is a big part of Indian food culture. More than 70% of Indians drink tea on a daily basis. Local tea stalls have been part of the Indian community for ages. They prepare and sell regular milk tea to people every day. Recently the taste of people has evolved. They want to have different flavors of tea. Tea Time brings that different flavor to people along with traditional tea. 

History of Tea Time

Tea Time was started by a few tea lovers in the city of Hyderabad. They started with one outlet. In two years they have gone from 1 outlet to 200+ outlets spread in different parts of India. Tea Time is one of the largest tea brands in India. They sell different types of teas, coolers and shakes at a very reasonable rate. The company’s processing plants are located at Hyderabad, Kolkata, Assam, Vizag, and Rajahmundry. Their research and development unit is based in Hyderabad.

The company aims to be the number 1 tea shop chain in India. They are passionate to sell the best quality, hygienic and affordable tea to people in India.  

Tea Time USP

tea time franchise

A new age tea selling outlet is very different from the traditional roadside tea stalls. They not only make good regular tea but also offer a variety of flavors in tea. The tea outlet gives a nice ambiance to the people and also a place to hang out. Tea Time is India’s very own tea selling outlet.

Tea Time has made a name for itself in a very short period. The outlet became popular due to word of mouth and now has a bunch of loyal people who are addicted to their tea. They sell different kinds of tea, coolers, and milkshakes. All of Tea Time’s beverages have an authentic taste and unique ingredients. Tea Time is a member of the Tea Board of India. A bunch of tea tasters ensures that the taste and quality of the tea leaves are not compromised.

Tea Time has sold over 2,30,00,000 cups of tea in over two years. The company has more than 8 flavors of tea. Tea Time is spreading all over India at a very fast pace.

The company has also earned goodwill and made a name for itself in the market in very little time. People are placing their trust in the products of the company and always coming back for more.

Benefits of owning a Tea Time franchise in India

Part of lifestyle

Tea is the most loved beverage in India. Every household has a few tea lovers. Tea loving people consume at least 1 to 2 cups of tea per day. People are attracted to outlets that serve their favorite beverage and have a place to hang out.


Tea Time offers an extensive menu for its tea loving customers. The menu is not just limited to tea. It also includes types of shakes and premium shakes. They also offer a variety of coolers to quench the thirst.

Healthy and Fresh

Drinking tea has a lots of health benefits. Tea prepared at Tea Time is always freshly brewed. The other beverages are also prepared using Fresh products. Drinks like chocolate shake are made using good quality products. The company does not compromise on the quality and freshness of the products.

Easy to store

To run an outlet a variety of tea leaves are needed in bulk. Tea leaves are very easy to store. They don’t occupy a lot of space.

Traditional and modern

Tea Time serves traditional milk tea in Kullad. They also serve teas like green tea and lemon tea.


Tea Time outlets don’t need to be located in high traffic areas. A medium footfall area is also a good location. A franchise partner just needs to build a good customer base.

Lasting business

Drinking tea will never go out of fashion. Just like coffee, tea is like a necessity for many people. Tea lovers always need a cup of freshly prepared tea.


Tea Time opens at 6 in the morning and is open till late in the night. The franchise owner does not need to be present at the outlet all the time. The employees at the outlet are trained properly to run the place efficiently.


The dinks sold at Tea Time are very affordable. The beverages range from as low as INR 10 to INR 100.

What are the requirements to start a Tea Time franchise in India?


The total area required to start a Tea Time franchise is between 150 square feet to 200 square feet. The proposed area must have proper water and drainage facility. The shop must be opened in a commercial area like malls or local markets or business areas where the demand for tea is more. The area must also have adequate space for customers to sit and enjoy their cup of tea. The proposed area must be located on the ground floor to attract more customers. Guidelines on the setup of the store are provided by the company.

Skills or Experience

No special skills or experience is required to start a franchise of Tea Time. The franchise partner must build good relations with the customers. The franchisee must take all necessary steps to build up a large customer base. Some knowledge about tea and running a business will be helpful. The franchisee must follow the guidelines set up by the company and uphold the name of the brand.

Regions of Operation

Tea Time has its head office in Hyderabad, Telangana. In just over 2 years, Tea Time has opened around 200 Tea Time outlets across the country. The outlets are currently spread all over Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. A few outlets were recently opened in Kerala. The brand is in the process of opening new outlets in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Madhya Pradesh. The company plans on expanding and opening outlets all over India. The company is currently concentrated in South India. They want to open outlets in rest of three zones too.


The company provides all the assistance needed to make the franchise partner work a success. Tea Time provides complete assistance in the selection of the area to open an outlet. They also provide a complete start-up kit. All the items needed to make drinks mentioned in the menu are provided by the company. They also give operational support to the franchise partner. Initial management training is conducted by the company. Regular research and development updates are also provided. The marketing and advertisement of the outlet are provided by the company. 

Staff Requirement

The number of staff required at an outlet is 2 to 4 members. The staff should assist the customers in the selection of the drinks. They should know the menu thoroughly. They should greet customers pleasantly. The company trains the staff on preparation and presentation of the drinks.

How much does a Tea Time franchise cost?


An investment of INR 4 lakh to 5 lakh is required to start a franchise of Tea Time in India. The cost of investment includes the brand fee, marketing fee, and a complete start-up kit fee. The cost of movable equipment like refrigerator, deep freezer, stove, utensils, etc is also included in the investment fee. The company also provides initial stock to start up the business.

The company charges a royalty of 3% on the gross sales per month. An upper limit of INR 9000 is set up by the company to charge as royalty. The company does not take royalty above this amount.

Years of bond and profitability

The company signs a standard franchise agreement. The franchise contract has lifetime validity. There is no to go through a bundle of paperwork in every few years for renewal. A profit margin of 40% to 50% is expected for total sales. The average period for Return on Investment is between 8 to 10 months.


India is the second-largest tea producer in the world. 70% of the tea produced in India is consumed in the country only. Indians just love their cup of tea. Be it morning, evening or night we Indians need no excuse to consume a cup of tea. Travel anywhere in India, food, weather or culture may change but the one thing that remains constant is the beloved beverage tea that 70% of India consumes.

Tea is one common thread that runs throughout the country. Love for tea has led to many friendships. Everyone has a different taste preference for tea. Sometimes one just wants to relax and enjoy their cup of tea without preparing it.

Tea Time is one of its kind tea outlets that serve a variety of teas to people according to their taste and preference.

To start a franchise of Tea Time one needs a space area of 150 square feet to 200 square feet. the preferred area must be located at a commercial place where the footfall is good to attract customers. The outlet must be located on the ground floor for easy visibility.

One needs no special skill or experience to start a franchise outlet of Tea Time. Running Tea Time is easy for all. The franchise owner does not need to invest a lot of time to look after the running of the outlet. The staff is well trained by the company and they look after the proper functioning of the Tea Time outlet.

One outlet does not require more than 4 staff members to run it efficiently.

An investment of INR 4 lakh to INR 5 lakh is required to start a franchise outlet of Tea Time. The investment cost covers the brand fee and the cost of the equipment. A royalty of 3% on the gross sales is to be paid to the company every month. Tea Time does not charge more than INR 9000 in royalty.

The company helps with advertisement and marketing.

The profit margin is between 40% to 50%. The breakeven period is between 8 to 10 months.

Tea is a beverage that will never go out of demand. Its a business worth investing in. 

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