How to Start a Dessi Cuppa Franchise in India? Spreading Joy in Every Cup

Everyone needs some beverage to quench their thirst. A juice bar is an upcoming concept in the beverage industry. Dessi Cuppa is one of the front runners in this industry. They have revolutionized the industry with their one of a kind lassi. you will fall in love with their unique blends of lassi.

Dessi Cuppa provides an intimate and relaxing experience to all. Every drink has a signature recipe. Dessi Cuppa believes that a good experience begins with good taste. Their different blends of drinks will surely make a place in the hearts of many in no time.

About Dessi Cuppa

Dessi Cuppa was established in 2015 with its headquarter in Hyderabad. Dessi Cuppa derives its name from the Sanskrit word “deshi” which translates as “from the country”. “Cuppa” just refers to a cup of drink. South Asians all around the world refer to themselves and their food as desi, something that is from their country.

In India, drinks preference changes with the change of season. Each season is accompanied by its mood, desire, significance. So are the drinks. Summer especially is a season of a variety of drinks that provide relief from the scorching heat and replenish minerals in the body.

The most popular items served at the Dessi Cuppa store are Lassi, Shakes, Smoothie, Cold Coffee, Juice, Krushers, Ice Cream, etc. 

Dessi Cuppa’s USP

Dessi Cuppa is one of India’s rapidly growing beverage brands that serves juices, mocktails, lassi, and smoothies. Lassi, a traditional Punjab drink made using curd is a popular thirst quencher in summers. The company has given a modern twist to this popular drink. They offer different flavors of lassi from a simple sweet lassi to a rich Kesar lassi. Besides lassi, the company also serves a variety of smoothies, krushers, juices, falooda, etc. It’s a place where friends and family can enjoy a drink together.

Benefits of owning a Dessi Cuppa franchise

Best of both worlds

Dessi Cuppa’s primary product is Lassi. The company has modernized the traditional drink. They offer lassi in different flavors to choose from. They serve their customers with great flavors using the finest quality products. They serve healthy products without compromising on the taste of the drink. Their drinks are both tasty as well as healthy. It’s a good market as people are always looking for healthy options around them.

Rapid growing presence

Dessi Cuppa is looking to expand in different cities in India. They have 70+ outlets spread over Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kerala, Bangalore, Goa, Chennai, and the UAE. The company is rapidly growing. It’s a good opportunity to shake things over a glass of lassi.

Leading Company

Desi Cuppa is one of the leading brands in the beverage industry. It is one of the popular juice bars in the country. The juice bar is an upcoming trend in India. It is a promising sector. This company is one of a kind. They have a loyal customer base who swears by the company’s unique drinks. Step in and grab the chance to own a distinctive juice bar and be part of the changing trend.

What are the requirements to start a Dessi Cuppa franchise in India?


The minimum area requirement for a Dessi Cuppa franchise is 200-500 square feet so that the customers have space to enjoy their drink. The water and drainage facility is also required.

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Skills or experience

The company is looking for franchise partners who are willing to take initiative and build customer trust. They must provide the best service in the target area and maintain the brand name.

Regions of Operation 

The company has 70+ outlets at leading locations in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kerala, Bangalore, Goa, and Chennai. They also have an international presence with outlets in the UAE. They are planning to expand in states like New Delhi, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, Goa, Telangana.


The company provides detailed operating and training manuals to the franchisee. Complete training on product preparation and customer handling will be given to the support staff at the outlet. The company also provides expert guidance from the head office to the franchisee in opening the outlet. They also give recipes for different products. 

Staff Requirement

The number of staff required at an outlet is 4 to 5 members. The staff needs to know how to assist the customers in the selection of the drinks. They should know the menu thoroughly. They should greet customers pleasantly.

How much does a Dessi Cuppa franchise costs?


dessi cuppa franchise

An investment of INR 10 to 20 lakh is required to open a store of Dessi Cuppa. 

The franchise partner has to pay 5% of monthly gross revenue as royalty.

The brand fee is INR 1 lakh.

The company provides a complete shop setup. The set up includes blenders, containers, display freezer, storage freezer, work table, flooring, wall tiles, menu designs, signboard prints, and fixing and cash register.

They also help with inventory support and guidelines, corporate branding and promotions.

Years of bond and profitability

The company signs a standard franchise agreement. The franchise term is for 5 years and is renewable beyond. The expected monthly sales are INR 20 lakh. The expected profit margin will be at 35%. The company gives exclusive territorial rights to a unit franchisee. 


Dessi Cuppa is a game changer in the beverage industry. Starting as an outlet in Hyderabad, the company is expanding rapidly ever since. It is changing the taste of thirst-quenchers one drink at a time. They have a variety of drinks to choose from. The drinks taste amazing and are healthy. Dessi Cuppa is slowly making a steady place in hears of people.

Some benefits of owning Dessi Cuppa franchise would be that the company personally invests its time and provides a complete set up for the franchisee unit. They also help with inventory support and brand promotions.

The area requirement for a franchise unit will be 200-500 square feet. Placing of the outlet in the university area or malls is preferred.

An investment of INR 10-20 lakh is required to open a franchise unit. The brand fee is INR 1 lakh and a monthly royalty of 5% on gross sales. The franchise term is of five years and is renewable. The renewable process can be discussed with the owners. All help to run the franchise unit is provided by the company.

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